Serviceaide Marks 2022 With Big Achievements In Technology Innovation And International Growth

The Company launched Multiple Game-Changing Solution Advancements And Has Seen Robust Expansion In Key International Markets

SAN JOSE, CA. (December 14, 2022)—Serviceaide, Inc., a global provider of modern IT and enterprise service management solutions, continued building strong momentum worldwide as a service management technology leader in 2022, bringing important new solutions to its technology portfolio and expanding its presence internationally.

 The company launched Asset Discovery Expert, Service Automation 2.0, and the Luma Virtual Agent Mobile App and grew its presence in Europe and Latin America.

“2022 has been a momentous year for Serviceaide,” said Wai Wong, Founder, and CEO of Serviceaide.  “We delivered major new capabilities and solutions across our product portfolio to help customers achieve higher levels of productivity and performance in their enterprise and IT service management organizations. We also continued our international expansion in both Europe and Latin America, setting the stage for continued innovation and growth in 2023.”

Technology Innovation

Serviceaide received overwhelmingly positive feedback to continue our focus on innovation that lowers the cost of service delivery, reduces staffing pressure, and provides better user experiences. Serviceaide made good on its commitment to provide POB, ChangeGear, and ISM customers with the very latest and most effective technology for modern service management in 2022, including the launch of Asset Discovery Expert, Service Automation 2.0, and the Luma Virtual Agent Mobile App.

Asset Discovery Expert (ADE)

Asset Discovery Expert (ADE) is a powerful, lightweight agentless software solution that provides instant visibility and control of all technology assets across networks. ADE helps IT organizations reduce costs and risks associated with security management, compliance, and change management. Asset discovery is critical for effective IT management. It provides much-needed visibility and control over IT infrastructure to reduce asset risks, lower infrastructure, and management costs, and improve performance and compliance.

Automation 2.0

Automation 2.0 was a key part of a unified product release in 2022 focused on accelerating the enterprise “Shift-Left” toward greater self-service and process automation. A powerful automation engine that dramatically improves digital automation of services and processes, Automation 2.0 is a highly scalable, standards-based workflow engine with an open architecture that enables the definition and execution of any business process and can be integrated with the entire Serviceaide product portfolio as well as any other vendor application or database.

Luma Virtual Agent

Luma Virtual Agent Mobile App empowers service organizations to better serve customers and employees on the go with such powerful features as location-based services, conversational intelligence, speech-to-text translation, and QR code scanning. Seamless integration with the Serviceaide ChangeGear and Point of Business platforms adds advanced digital interactions to service and knowledge delivery. With integration across Windows, iOS and Android devices, end-users and support personnel can now use their mobile devices to converse hands-free with Luma via voice or hybrid voice and text. Luma is a groundbreaking intelligent virtual agent that leverages conversational AI, knowledge management, and advanced graph technologies to converse with end-users to understand their service needs, provide answers, automate services, handle approvals and notifications, and confirm and follow up on tasks and request completion.

International Growth and Momentum

Earlier this year, Serviceaide announced the opening of a new office in Munich, Germany, to keep pace with growing interest and adoption of its ChangeGear ITSM platform and AI-powered Luma Virtual Agent solution in the region. This year ChangeGear was also ITIL certified by Serview, Germany’s leading consulting and training company for optimizing and supporting IT organizations, whose comprehensive process evaluates over 600 points of criteria. In addition to Germany, the company currently has operations in Denmark and Ukraine with plans for additional growth in the European market in 2023.

Serviceaide also saw continued momentum in Latin America, building on a strong, established customer base in South America and expanding its sales and support presence in Mexico. This year also saw the establishment of both Spanish and Portuguese language websites to support its increased market presence in the region.  The company also introduced a Spanish language version of its ChangeGear ITSM platform in the region, adding to its existing regional product line of the Luma Virtual Agent Suite and Intelligent Service Management (ISM) ITSM solution. ISM is a popular platform with partners as it serves as a foundational service management platform for their BPO, ITO, and MSP businesses. Serviceaide is teaming up with numerous new channel partners within Mexico, including ABS, Stefanini, and Syntech. 

About Serviceaide  

Serviceaide is a leader in modern service and support. Serviceaide’s vision is to transform service management, across ITSM, ESM, and Customer Service. Serving customers worldwide, Serviceaide applies breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to deliver better experiences, provide enhanced self-service and empower service owners. Serviceaide transforms service through digital labor conversations, automation, and knowledge. For more information, visit 

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