Serviceaide Launches Automation 2.0 As Part of Unified, Portfolio-Wide Product Upgrade

The Unified Product Release Focuses on Accelerating Enterprise “Shift-Left” Toward Greater Self-Service and Process Automation

SAN JOSE, CA. (June 22, 2022)—Serviceaide, Inc., a global provider of modern IT and enterprise service management solutions, today announced product upgrades across its entire line of service management solutions, making the “shift-left” move toward self-service and automation easier and more cost-effective across a wide range of enterprise and customer service and support scenarios. The unified product release includes the introduction of Service Automation 2.0, a powerful automation engine that dramatically improves digital automation of services and processes to increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve user experiences and satisfaction.

Service Automation 2.0 is a highly scalable, standards-based workflow engine with an open architecture that enables the definition and execution of any business process, leveraging the entire Serviceaide product portfolio as well as any other vendor application or database.

Automation 2.0 includes a variety of significant improvements to simplify the orchestration and monitoring of automated workflows across virtually any business process, inside, outside, or across the enterprise, or within a department. The new release includes a Business Process Mapping and Notation (BPMN) interface for visually diagramming processes, providing graphical insight into running processes for status or troubleshooting, and visualization of historic process executions without the need for understanding or diving into technical logs. A new KPI dashboard provides visibility and tracking of business results and the value created by automated workflows.

Integration of Automation 2.0 with Serviceaide’s Luma Virtual Agent now enables easy development of a natural language interface directly into automated business processes.  

“Automation stands at the core of digital transformation. It is essential to the shift-left move toward lower-cost, higher-quality self-service models that organizations are seeking to adopt,” said Bill Guinn, Serviceaide CTO. “Automation 2.0 is a significant step forward in Serviceaide’s commitment to continually improving our products to digitally automate manual processes, reduce costs, and improve customer experience and productivity.”

In addition to Automation 2.0, the company announced product upgrades across its full product line, including:

  • Luma Digital Suite, including Luma Virtual Agent and Luma Knowledge, Serviceaide’s AI-powered intelligent virtual agent and knowledge management suite
  • Asset Discovery Expert (ADE Version 2.0), the company’s asset discovery and configuration management database, provides a comprehensive, up-to-date view into networked IT infrastructure to replace expensive, error-prone manual entry and audits
  • The Point of Business (PoB) platform (Version 2.1), a low code, customizable enterprise service and support solution for use across a wide range of applications and functional areas, including IT Service Management
  • ChangeGear (Version 8.3), Serviceaide’s award-winning ITSM platform known for its comprehensive service management and exceptional change management capabilities.
  • The Intelligent Service Management platform, a complete multi-tenant   IT service management solution well suited to MSPs

Among other product improvements, ChangeGear now incorporates a Field Recommender powered by Luma, which uses machine learning to auto-populate end user requests to improve accuracy and actionability of service requests. ADE 2.0 will be fully integrated into Serviceaide’s Point of Business, ChangeGear,  and Intelligent Service Management Platform.

“Serviceaide is successfully delivering unified product releases capitalizing on our entire portfolio to bring consistent improvements to all of our customers and further leverage our core AI technologies across the portfolio,” Guinn said.

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