Serviceaide Introduces the Luma Virtual Agent Mobile App

Luma’s Location-aware Mobile App Enables Easy, AI-powered, Cross-Channel Service and Support for Employees and Customers On-The-Go

SAN JOSE, CA. (October 19, 2022)Serviceaide, Inc., a global provider of modern IT and enterprise service management solutions, today announced the Luma Virtual Agent Mobile App, a mobile version of its awarding-winning Luma Virtual Agent for streamlining and automating service and support. Luma Virtual Agent Mobile App empowers service organizations to better serve customers and employees on the go with such powerful features as location-based services, conversational intelligence, speech-to-text translation, and QR code scanning. Seamless integration with the Serviceaide ChangeGear and Point of Business platforms adds advanced digital interactions to service and knowledge delivery. 

“As customers deepen their usage of Luma, adding new skills and capabilities, it has become apparent that a mobile version would dramatically broaden the usefulness of Luma. Adding location awareness, hands-free voice, and single click data capture via QR code scanning accelerates the support process, reducing incident impact, and lowering the cost of support for the organization,” said Bill Guinn, Chief Technology Officer of Serviceaide. “For a service provider, our mobile app makes it easy to launch field-based applications, untethering user access to support by leveraging the effortless use and precision of location-based services and the vast information available in QR codes to provide the modern experience users expect and the cost reduction of a powerful Virtual Agent that supports organizational requirements.”

With integration across Windows, iOS and Android devices, end-users and support personnel can now use their mobile devices to converse hands-free with Luma via voice or hybrid voice and text. Luma is an intelligent virtual agent that leverages conversational AI, knowledge management and advanced graph technologies to converse with end-users to understand their service needs, provide answers, automate services, handle approvals and notifications, and confirm and follow-up on tasks and request completion.

The Luma Virtual Agent Mobile App utilizes a phone’s native location-based services to precisely locate the user, narrow down issues, filter information relevant to the immediate location or facilities and equipment, and guide the user in a hands-free mode to rapidly complete tasks or resolve their issue without having to enter detailed information. For example, if someone needs to report an inoperable HVAC, Luma’s knowledge of the user’s location can pinpoint the responsible unit. This information can be used to prioritize correctly, schedule, and route a crew to the specific location with the correct skills, equipment, and parts to get the job done. Likewise, if someone is reporting a problem with an office copier or printer, they can identify the machine via a QR scan, and Luma can guide the user to model-specific instructions or dispatch the right technician. “Our mobile app has broad applicability across any service and support setting, including industries that utilize field personnel for repairs, such as construction companies, oil and gas, fleet management, utilities, cable and telephone companies, state and local government, and any organization with geographically dispersed operations or campuses,” Guinn said. “Healthcare and telemedicine use cases can also benefit enormously in helping people improve access, report issues, and schedule appointments using their mobile devices.”

The Luma Virtual Agent

Luma Virtual Agent is the industry’s first knowledge-centered virtual agent for streamlining enterprise service and support. Luma leverages knowledge functionality to harness the power of information and make it consumable. The Serviceaide platform leverages AI to understand end users’ needs and act automatically. Luma streamlines and delivers support in a consumer-like, intuitive fashion through a combination of natural language understanding (NLU), conversational AI, and semantic search using a knowledge graph enhanced by machine learning. 

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Serviceaide is a leader in modern service and support. Serviceaide’s vision is to transform service management, across ITSM, ESM, and Customer Service. Serving customers worldwide, Serviceaide applies breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to deliver better experiences, provide enhanced self-service and empower service owners. Serviceaide transforms service through digital labor conversations, automation, and knowledge. For more information, visit 

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