Serviceaide Introduces Voice Recognition To Its Multi-Channel, AI-Powered Luma Virtual Agent for Service Management

voice Extends the Power of Luma Virtual Agent to Seamlessly Engage End-users and Customers Across their Channels of Choice to Deliver Automated 24×7 Service and Support

San Jose, Ca. (November 7, 2019)—Serviceaide, Inc., a global provider of enterprise service management solutions, today announced Luma IVR, a new interactive voice recognition capability that allows companies to turn their PBX or IVR systems into intelligent virtual agents that simplify and automate the resolution of service requests from customers and enterprise end-users.

Luma IVR extends the power of Serviceaide’s AI-powered Luma Virtual Agent to conversationally engage users via their communications channel of choice to dramatically improve time to resolution, quality of service, cost efficiency and end-user satisfaction.  By leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, Serviceaide provides a more advanced voice recognition capability that can enhance the customer experience. It provides more flexibility and becomes smarter over time

Luma is the only virtual agent on the market that combines AI-powered service and support across voice, messaging and web browsers. Luma Virtual Agent (VA) also automates fulfillment of repetitive tasks and integration with popular IT service management systems, all at a lower-cost of ownership. Luma VA can be integrated into existing PBX or IVR systems, or customers can work with a Serviceaide partner to implement a cost-effective voice solution leveraging a range of available systems.

“Serviceaide continues to redefine service management and customer support in the era of artificial intelligence,” said William Guinn, CTO of Serviceaide. “With voice recognition, Luma VA simply starts a conversation with the caller, understanding their intent and directly providing the information or provisioning the service they need. There is no more waiting through frustrating audio prompts or navigating multiple phone trees. Getting service help is as simple as making a single phone call.”

Luma IVR opens new market opportunities for Serviceaide and its partners, including voice-activated customer support for industries like financial services, health care, insurance, government, education, hospitality, and retail that deal with a wide range of customer questions and requests.

Serviceaide’s Luma Virtual Agent engages end-users, customers, and analysts through more than 30 languages with a simple, conversational interface to understand and expedite service requests and free IT and other service personnel to concentrate on higher-value projects. The Luma Automation engine allows organizations to easily automate the fulfillment of repetitive IT requests such as password resets, Active Directory account unlocks, file and disk cleanups, database queries, and much more with no or minimal coding. It can also be taught to address a wide range of service needs outside of IT. Serviceaide was recently recognized as a leader in the Forrester Research New Wave™ report on Standalone Chatbots For IT Operations.

About Serviceaide

Serviceaide is a leader in intelligent chatbots, called virtual agents, that make service and support more productive and intuitive for customers and support teams. The company’s AI-powered Virtual Agent, Luma, engages end-users through a simple, conversational interface to understand and expedite service requests, automate service delivery and improve the customer experience. The company also offers a full-featured IT Service Management platform used by companies around the world to effectively manage the delivery and support of IT services. Serviceaide was selected as a leader in a recent Forrester Research New Wave™ report on Standalone Chatbots For IT Operations. Visit for more information.

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