Serviceaide Brings the Power of Conversational Virtual Agents to ChangeGear ITSM Customers Around the World

Serviceaide’s Luma Virtual Agent Brings World-Class Service Management and Intuitive Self-Service To End-Users on the ChangeGear Platform

SAN JOSE, CA. (Sept. 29, 2021)—Serviceaide, Inc., a global provider of intelligent IT and enterprise service management solutions, today announced the availability of Luma Virtual Agent for ChangeGear, the popular, feature-rich IT Service Management (ITSM) platform Serviceaide acquired in August with the acquisition of SunView. ChangeGear customers can now reap the benefits of Serviceaide’s powerful virtual agent solution optimized for easy, conversational access to enterprise knowledge and automated services.

The ChangeGear platform is used by large and mid-sized organizations around the world, including many Fortune 1000 businesses. It is well-known as a feature-rich ITSM solution that helps organizations create more intelligent and responsive IT service environments that deliver greater employee engagement, increased productivity, and improved customer satisfaction. The addition of Luma Virtual Agent will dramatically improve the end-user support experience and service management efficiencies with a conversational, automated support agent and improved self-service portal. 

“We placed immediate priority on bringing the value of advanced virtual agent technology to ChangeGear customers,” said Bill Guinn, Chief Technology Officer at Serviceaide. “This is a great example of our shift left development philosophy. Our goal is to leverage technology to put more power in the hands of end-users. That is what a digital transformation is all about.”

Fortune 1000 customers leverage the ChangeGear platform to enable superior change management, intelligent incident management, and strong asset discovery and management capabilities. With the addition of the Luma Virtual Agent, ChangeGear’s exceptional support for IT analysts is now extended to employees and customers via the Luma conversational suite. 

Serviceaide leverages the power of knowledge and information by unifying the Luma Virtual Agent with knowledge-centered capabilities. This combination dramatically accelerates and elevates the self-service experience while greatly improving cost efficiency.

The Luma Virtual Agent leverages natural language processing and machine learning to create a powerful and conversational interface accessible via voice, email, chat, and other channels. Luma understands user requests and needs and proactively guides them to the answers they seek or fulfills their requests through automated services. Luma’s automation and workflow engine can automate a wide range of IT and Enterprise Service Management tasks as diverse as provisioning a virtual machine, onboarding new employees, and handling facilities requests and HR changes. 

“Bringing the power of Luma to ChangeGear customers is just another important step in our journey to provide intelligent, game-changing service management solutions to organizations around the world,” said Wai Wong, Founder and CEO of Serviceaide. “We’re excited to help our ChangeGear customers make this important advancement in modern service management.” 

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Serviceaide is a leader in intelligent service and support. Serviceaide’s vision is to transform service management, across ITSM, ESM, and Customer Service. Serving customers around the world, Serviceaide applies breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to deliver better experiences, provide enhanced self-service and empower service owners. Serviceaide transforms service through digital labor conversations, automation, and knowledge. For more information, visit

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