Integration of Luma Automation and Virtual Agent Delivers Powerful AI Solution For Automating Repetitive Tasks Via Intelligent Conversations

San Jose, Ca. (September 25, 2019) –  Serviceaide®, Inc., a global provider of enterprise service management solutions, today announced Luma Automation, a robust and easy-to-deploy solution for automating a wide variety of IT and enterprise functions. The addition of Luma Automation to Serviceaide’s breakthrough Luma Virtual Agent makes requesting and receiving service help as simple as sending a text or voice message.  The results are dramatically improved end-user experiences, faster time to service request resolution, and significantly reduced service management costs.

Bringing Luma Automation into the Luma Virtual Agent represents a powerful, AI-driven solution to automate numerous tasks using a simple conversational interface with users. Luma Virtual Agent allows enterprises to easily automate the fulfillment of repetitive requests like password resets, Active Directory account unlocks, file and disk cleanups, database queries, and much more with no or minimal coding. Luma Automation dramatically advances Serviceaide’s automation and orchestration capabilities while simplifying implementations with a new drag and drop graphical designer and out-of-the box workflows that no longer require developers to leave the product to go to a separate workflow designer.

“Serviceaide is at the forefront of the future of service management and by bringing together Luma Virtual Agent with Luma Automation, the company delivers unmatched capabilities to our customers and dramatically reduces service friction,” said Wai Wong, CEO of Serviceaide. “The close integration of advanced automation and an intelligent virtual agent means that, now more than ever, users can address their service needs with Luma Virtual Agent anywhere and anytime and have their requests immediately fulfilled without human intervention.”

Serviceaide’s AI-powered Luma Virtual Agent engages end users and analysts through a simple, conversational interface to understand and expedite service requests, while freeing IT personnel to concentrate on higher-value projects. Serviceaide was recently recognized as a leader in the Forrester Research New Wave™ report on Standalone Chatbots For IT Operations.

Luma integrates seamlessly with leading service management systems, as well as with Serviceaide’s full-featured IT service management suite, Intelligent Service Management. It is available as a pre-trained virtual agent for IT service and support and is also being used by customers around the world in a wide variety of other customer service and enterprise/business support scenarios.

Luma Automation addresses a wide range IT categories and functions, covering such areas as compliance and regulations, VM and software provisioning, configuration management, performance and capacity management, identity and access management, user request fulfillment, and routine maintenance.

Luma Automation’s out-of-the-box workflows automate such top IT service requests as:

  • Password resets
  • Active Directory account unlocks
  • Service restarts
  • Data queries
  • File and disk monitoring and cleanup
  • Event log monitoring
  • Freeing up disk space
  • System and service restarts and reboots
  • Change of service access

“The growing complexity and proliferation of applications, devices and services in enterprises are creating tremendous service friction for business users, service desks and IT personnel,” Wong observed. “New breakthroughs like the Luma Virtual Agent and now with Luma Automation will bring much-needed digital transformation to service management so that employees can focus more on what they need to do.”

About Serviceaide

Serviceaide is a leader in intelligent chatbots, called virtual agents, that make service and support more productive and intuitive for customers and support teams. The company’s AI-powered Virtual Agent, Luma, engages end users through a simple, conversational interface to understand and expedite service requests, automate service delivery and improve the customer experience. The company also offers a full-featured IT Service Management platform used by companies around the world to effectively manage the delivery and support of IT services. Serviceaide was selected as a leader in a recent Forrester Research New Wave™ report on Standalone Chatbots For IT Operations. Visit for more information.

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