Serviceaide Announces Major Advances in Service Management with Added Capabilities to Luma, its Virtual Agent

Luma Upgrade Delivers New Automation and Skills-Building Capabilities that Make 24×7 Services More Cost-Effective and Intuitive for Support Teams and End Usersfor 

San Jose, Ca. (June 4, 2019) – Serviceaide®, Inc., a global provider of IT service management solutions, today announced significant new capabilities to Luma, its industry-leading intelligent virtual agent for automating IT and other service management functions. Luma dramatically improves end-user and customer support satisfaction, enables easy-to-use, 24×7 self-service, and substantially reduces the cost of delivering high-quality service and support.

Serviceaide is pioneering the next generation of IT service management. Its AI-powered Luma Virtual Agent engages end-users and analysts through a simple, conversational interface to understand and expedite service requests, accelerate resolution times, and automate service delivery. Serviceaide was recently recognized as a leader in the Forrester Research New Wave™ report on Standalone Chatbots For IT Operations,

The latest version of Luma delivers exciting new capabilities that make it even easier to configure, skills-train, measure, and automate workflows and services. Among new features in Luma are:

  • Advanced Workflow Automation — Luma now automates a comprehensive range of enterprise end user services and IT support functions. Automation can cover end user requests as diverse as resetting a password to pulling a pipeline report from Salesforce. Luma can now offload even more work from IT including IT Ops and DevOps tasks unifying these functions through a flexible Chat Ops model to automate an extensive set of activities such as remediation of a network issue through Zabbix, provisioning a new VM within AWS, to supporting a bug’s remediation lifecycle through Jira.
  • Improved Knowledge Democratization— Allows service and support teams to rapidly build Luma’s knowledge base without coding by uploading FAQs and ingesting policy and procedure manuals and other support-related content which automatically trains Luma to answer questions and provide solutions in any service area.
  • Automated User Synch— Managing user access in a large enterprise with thousands of users can be a challenge. Luma’s new user synch capability connects to Active Directory, ServiceNow or other ITSM or user repositories keeping users and group membership and global user attributes up to date from the authoritative company repository.
  • Integrated Customer Satisfaction Survey— Automatically asks customers to rate their level of satisfaction to ensure Luma is meeting user needs. The built-in survey mechanism achieves high user response rates enabling continuous and timely improvement of the user experience – and evolving user needs.
  • Web Widget— Luma interacts with users using natural language processing across a wide range of popular communications channels, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and others. The new web chat widget gives companies the flexibility to integrate Luma into their existing web portals or apps and fully leverage Luma through any platform.

Serviceaide continues to set the standard for intelligent virtual support and service automation,” said Wai Wong, CEO and co-founder of Serviceaide. “Internal IT organizations, managed service providers, and a wide range of enterprise support functions are realizing exciting improvements in customer satisfaction, time-to-resolution, quality of service, and reduced support costs. The latest version of Luma brings valuable new innovations to our customers and end users to further advance the benefits of AI-powered service and support.

Luma’s conversational interface guides users to create actionable requests and vastly improved self-service. Its automated services frequently deflect support tickets by providing immediate fulfillment or resolutions to users. It also relieves analysts from the burden of chasing down users for more information and handling repeatable mundane requests. Luma integrates seamlessly with leading service management systems, as well as with Serviceaide’s full-featured IT service management suite, Intelligent Service Management. It is available as a pre-trained virtual agent for IT service and support and is also being used by customers around the world in a wide variety of other customer service and support scenarios.

About Serviceaide

Serviceaide is a leader in intelligent chatbots, called virtual agents, that make service and support more productive and intuitive for customers and support teams. The company’s AI-powered Virtual Agent, Luma, engages end-users through a simple, conversational interface to understand and expedite service requests, automate service delivery and improve the customer experience. The company also offers a full-featured IT Service Management platform used by companies around the world to effectively manage the delivery and support of IT services. Serviceaide was selected as a leader in a recent Forrester Research New Wave™ report on Standalone Chatbots For IT Operations. Visit for more information.

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