Serviceaide Success Stories—
Academy Bank

Academy Bank
Kansas City, MO
Service Management Solution:
Point Of Business (POB) Platform
Serviceaide Success Stories — Academy Bank
The Challenge

The Challenge

Academy Bank’s service desk was ready for a change. Their existing service management application had a confusing user interface, no reporting capability, and no access to historical data. Also, change management, purchasing, workload management, and asset management relied on 100% manual processing.

“In our previous environment, ‘Lost in the shuffle’ was a common condition. Our service desk software was extremely limited; our purchasing, change management, and asset management processes were largely paper-based,” said Dana Hogan, Senior Vice President at Academy Bank. “Our purchasing process required the paper form to be passed around via interoffice mail or fax to as many as four people, who may have been located in different cities. Furthermore, our IT staff was in the dark regarding which changes were approved, to be implemented soon, and which had been implemented. Being paper-based, the process completely lacked the ability to adequately communicate changes to the necessary parties.”

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