What is AITSM and Why Do CIOs Need to Face It?

March 8, 2021
What is AITSM and Why Do CIOs Need to Face It? Effective IT Asset Management During COVID-19 | Essentials for Productivity, Security, and Resilience

In this THREE-PART SERIES, we unravel the mystery behind the question What is AITSM and Why Do CIOs Need to Face It? In Part 1, we explain how AI Enables the Transformation of ITSM in 2021 and Beyond. Once your organization overcomes the paradigm shift involved in moving from a traditional IT Service Management (ITSM) solution to an AI-powered ITSM, it is enabled to respond to end-user queries with real-time solutions without human intervention.

Part 2 of this series explains why some Companies Bet BIG on Conversational UI and Virtual Agents. The influx of billions of dollars is fueling dramatic advances in predictive analytics and deep learning, thereby paving the way for conversational UIs to step in and help brands connect with people in a simple and intuitive way. This tool is becoming increasingly popular in customer service, mainly because it helps companies enhance their user experience and drive revenue while reducing costs.

Finally, Part 3 explains how AI-Based Sentiment Analysis Improves Customer Experience. Sentiment analysis is the process of identifying and extracting customer opinions and sentiments disclosed in a segment of text. This valuable data is a gold mine for businesses as it helps them refine their products, services, brand image, and more.

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