Welcome to a Vibrant New Source for AI and IT Service Management

May 30, 2018
Welcome to a Vibrant New Source for AI and IT Service Management Welcome to a Vibrant New Source for AI and IT Service Management

In the not so distant past, if you asked me about significant updates, or the general state of IT support/IT Service Management (ITSM); the answer was inevitably “not much has changed”. In fact, very little has been done over the years to simplify core processes and improve productivity. Serviceaide was founded to rewrite the ITSM playbook with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our vision is to create a truly intelligent ITSM platform through the practical application of AI. Today, smart people are wasting too much time on mudane tasks, and we’ve been doing it for so long, it feels like there’s no other option. However, by strategically applying AI at the right points in the service and support lifecycle, we can enhance the efficiency, impact and strategic value of service management teams everywhere.

While my deep interest in AI goes back 30 years to related graduate work on the topic, today AI is steadily becoming a reality. While AI technology isn’t to the point where people can flip a switch and leave to go on vacation, we at Serviceaide focus on tackling the many things that analysts do that they don’t enjoy or waste their time and productivity. AI should be applied to help highly skilled IT support staff focus on the meaty stuff, not trafficking tickets, resetting passwords and other trivial tasks. We see a future where analysts spend time developing and instituting solutions that can be factors to boost productivity or lead to better customer support. When leveraged correctly, AI can optimize key components of any service and support interaction:

1. What information does the service desk need from the end-user?
2. How is the reported issue similar to other reported issues?
3. Who is best suited to deliver the solution? (AI, self-service or service agent)
4. Has the problem been resolved?

This common-sense approach can transform the analyst’s day and uplift their productivity to new levels breaking the old cycle of question, answer and followup.

Since we began our work applying AI to ITSM, we are seeing more potential in the power of AI than I could have imagined. It’s all part of a paradigm shift that Serviceaide is proud to be a part of.

Through this blog, we are going to be sharing how Serviceaide helps teams work better and save time. We’ll also keep readers current on the evolution of AI and other applications that are important to ITSM. We will share business best practices for using Luma, as well as ways our users are applying technology to new categories and business functions.

Is there anything you’ve been wondering about with the convergence of AI and ITSM? Send me a note, and maybe we can address it an upcoming post.

by Wai Wong, Founder and CEO of Serviceaide

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