The Benefits of Corporate Acquisitions For Customers And The Industry

September 9, 2021
The Benefits of Corporate Acquisitions For Customers And The Industry The Benefits of Corporate Acquisitions For Customers And The Industry

We face changes every day. On a personal and professional level. We hear about mergers and acquisitions (M&A) but most people ignore them unless you have a vested interest in one of the companies involved in the M&A. The executive teams at Serviceaide and SunView Software decided to embrace change because we recognized an opportunity to create something greater together.

Change is also the underpinning of a digital transformation. Our vision of a modern service management platform serves as the foundation for how companies expand their use of technology to transform their business. As Serviceaide builds upon our vision to redefine and improve service and support, the acquisition furthers our efforts by providing a new and powerful portfolio of products and features, the ability to align resources to strengthen support across the globe and leverage an experienced, agile team to execute. All designed to best serve our customers.

The industry is changing. Sometimes not as quickly as companies require. They want enterprise quality solutions for automation, change management, asset discovery and more. These solutions should provide immediate value measured by benefits to users, return on investment and time to market (implementation). Employee and customer experience is more important than ever. Leveraging automation and AI based technologies to improve and extend service delivery is a leading request. Many companies begin service and support projects leveraging AI based solutions, only to become frustrated by the extended implementation, and delivery of solutions that do not meet their needs or budget.

Extending service management from IT across the enterprise is a means to increase productivity and efficiency. Every plan for digital transformation needs to start with service management and delivery, regardless of your business. Serviceaide has the solutions, experience and team to help you with your transformation.

What To Expect The Next Few Months

As we continue to move through the acquisition process, we’re focusing our energy on integrating our teams (i.e., engineering, sales, pro services, marketing, etc.) and business systems to deliver the best possible experience for customers. We are already beginning to realize significant improvements through economies of scale, increased range of service, and business and technical experience, which are paving our product roadmap that leads to a very bright future. By combining the technical skills of two engineering teams, we have the resources to develop new features with greater agility and innovation than ever before. While many other companies are struggling to secure top developers skilled in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) during the COVID-19 pandemic, Serviceaide and SunView Software share a powerful pool of in-house talent. This means we can innovate faster and offer more valued features based on AI and smart automation to improve the service management experience for all.

Increased Range of Service

Mergers and acquisitions bring a range of service that isn’t always possible through organic growth. Consider Facebook, as a simple example. Despite providing users with the ability to share photos and converse with friends directly through its platform, Zuckerberg still acquired Instagram and WhatsApp because they allowed Facebook to tap into the demands of a much broader customer base. The same principle holds true for Serviceaide and SunView Software. The acquisition of SunView Software has given our combined organization the ability to provide enterprise-class solutions delivered with personalized customer support to a global audience. This is what makes our company unique among others in the Service Management arena.

Experience Where It Counts

With offices in six countries and strategic partners located around the world, Serviceaide is well positioned to handle projects of all types and sizes. Unlike our competitors, we offer mid-market solutions that can be implemented in a matter of weeks (not months or years) and our products can be easily scaled to fit your increasing requirements as your company grows.

While we can talk about the benefits of a corporate acquisition all day long, the bottom line is this: Serviceaide acquired SunView Software to strengthen its portfolio of smart ITSM solutions and build on the vision of delivering modern service management. We look forward to serving your needs today and for many more years to come.

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