Tech Spotlight: Streamline Your ITSM Processes

April 7, 2021
Tech Spotlight: Streamline Your ITSM Processes Effective IT Asset Management During COVID-19 | Essentials for Productivity, Security, and Resilience

The most common activity that your IT support agents are involved in every day is handling incoming requests. Your team needs to be ready when a new incident or service request is raised, so they can respond as quickly as possible. However, with requests arriving in so many ways: requests, phone calls, emails, ad hoc, and more—one after another, it can become difficult to stay on top of everything. One way to make life easier for everyone is to configure ChangeGear Service Desk to monitor each channel and initiate support automatically with our Business Policy Automation (BPA) and workflow engine. By leveraging the four pillars that ChangeGear is built upon: user-friendly, intelligent, flexible, and automated, you can provide your organization with a seamless system where automation and humans work together to deliver a positive experience for everyone.

USER-FRIENDLY—Choose the Channel That Fits Your Needs

Once your IT Service Management (ITSM) system is super-charged with our eight communication channels, the email notifications that originate from ChangeGear Service Desk can be automatically distributed across all the appropriate communication channels to ensure that everyone gets notified of the change—regardless of the type of device they are using or can access.

A super-charged ITSM system combines technologies, systems, applications, and devices, and lets them be used simultaneously or one after the other, depending on the given situation and communication need. Super-charged ITSM provides a non-siloed environment that integrates and delivers whatever communication channels and tools your users need at any given time, for any given purpose. And it also lets users move from one channel to another during the same session—known as omnichannel communications.

To put things into perspective, consider the following real-life example. Nancy works for a company that has a super-charged ITSM solution, so she decides to call the service desk and leave a voicemail to request a new desk phone because the LCD screen flickers and shuts off sporadically. Her company’s super-charged ITSM system translates her voice message to text (using ChangeGear Smart Voice) and then submits the request for her. This triggers the service process to begin and the business policy automation engine leverages email to send updates. The emails allow Nancy to interact with her request without having to access the ITSM system directly. Since the desk phone is a replacement, it requires Ted (the inventory manager) to approve the request, which he does from his cell phone using the mobile client. Meanwhile the ITSM platform is using the network to communicate with the deployment tool. When the desk phone is ready, Nancy receives a text message letting her know that it will be delivered and installed on a certain day. To wrap everything up, Nancy receives a survey by email and communicates her satisfaction to the team leaders via a daily report shared with the department heads.

INTELLIGENT—Stay Engaged with Your Request (Smart Responder & Automation)

Not only is ChangeGear easy to use, but it is smart too. The “brains” behind this operation is SunView Willow AI™, which works alongside your IT staff to find relevant information that provides quick solutions for requesters. SunView Willow AI™️ Smart Responder works proactively to help requesters resolve incidents while keeping them engaged during the entire request submission process. Employees and customers alike get real-time resolution knowledge base suggestions delivered right to their inbox, boosting engagement and satisfaction.

ChangeGear also sends email notifications to all interested parties when the state of a request changes. Suppose, for example, Nancy submits a request to get a new laptop because her existing one is performing slowly. Nancy immediately receives an email notification letting her know that her request has been received and that it normally takes 2 days for new hardware requests to be reviewed. The next day, Nancy receives an update asking her to clarify what “slow” means and to respond with details about her installed applications, average boot time, and delays when trying to open large spreadsheets. About 20 minutes later, Nancy gets another update telling her the request has been advanced for budget approval. The next day, she gets an update letting her know the request has been approved and that her new laptop will be ready in 3-5 business days.

All communications between Nancy and the support team happened without Nancy having to check anything other than her email. The support team operated solely within the ChangGear application and never had to leave that platform to communicate with Nancy, ask a supervisor for approval, or put in the request to have the new laptop built. Leveraging email automation and the ITSM platform reduced the complexity of the process, allowing Nancy to be kept engaged and informed at every step in the process. This eliminated the need for phone calls and other interruptions to either team’s work. All communications are automatically saved as part of the request history and can be reviewed later for process improvement, compliance audits, and other purposes.

FLEXIBLE—Customize Your Messaging

Communication templates provide a consistent, integrated, and automated method of conveying information to stakeholders. Different template types can be created for use with specific modules. Fields are used within the template to provide dynamic text based on the kind of information that is available to the specific type of template. Because the communication templates are dynamic, when Nancy gets her email updates, they include details like the date she submitted the request, the date the new laptop is expected, her unique request number, and other details that give her the information she needs to understand how her specific request is being handled.

AUTOMATED—Automate Your Processes and Workflows

ChangeGear uses our BPA engine to perform actions when certain criteria are met. The automation capabilities range from simple things like sending an email or a survey to complex things such as launching an automated script that integrates multiple applications. In the case of Nancy’s laptop, for example, her email updates were handled by the BPA engine. Additionally, when her request hits day 5, the team responsible for building the laptop will get a reminder that the SLA is approaching its due date and if the work is not completed on time, delivery will miss the commitment. Lucky for them, the laptop arrives from inventory, and they check the “Ready to Deploy” box, which triggers ChangeGear to execute the script to run the imaging software and report back when the disk image process has been completed and the laptop is ready to be delivered. In the “Ready” stage, ChangeGear notifies Nancy that the laptop is prepared and asks for a time when she is available to complete the setup.

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