Offload Tasks to Your Virtual Agent Within Minutes of Logging in for the First Time

March 26, 2019
Offload Tasks to Your Virtual Agent Within Minutes of Logging in for the First Time Offload Tasks to Your Virtual Agent Within Minutes of Logging in for the First Time

Innovative and rapidly maturing technologies such as artificial intelligence provide leaders with unprecedented opportunities to transform business. And, while some programs involving artificial intelligence can be complex and require many people and many months to implement, you shouldn’t assume that these characteristics apply to every project that involves artificial intelligence.

Luma is a virtual agent built with artificial intelligence, specifically, machine learning and natural language processing. Luma improves customer service experiences and increases the productivity and job satisfaction of support desk teams by doing the following:

  • ensures every ticket is fully formed before it is submitted—and prevents agents from wasting time looking for missing information
  • automates many services—and mitigates the need for agent involvement.
  • follows up with the end user once an issue has been resolved to close the ticket—and relieves agents from the burden of chasing down users for approvals.
  • determines opportunities for improvement based on its interactions with end users—and increase customer satisfaction.

These benefits can be achieved faster and easier than you think because, in many instances, Luma can be deployed in less than 30 days.

Getting Started is Easy

The latest version of Luma product expands the number of skills available out-of-the-box to almost 200,enabling you to immediately make better service experiences available to your users. Other purpose-built skills support activities and functions used by service desk analysts and managers. Skills Builder, an embedded tool within Luma, enables administrators to build new and unique skills quickly and intuitively.

Our outcome-based implementation methodology focuses on your business, operational, and technological future-desired state. We begin with a review of your current environment and a vision of where you would like to be in the future. With that information we can work together to formulate an implementation plan that helps you realize a substantial return on your investment, quickly.

Achieving Results is Quick

Once Luma has been implemented, you should expect to see the benefits quickly. Support agents can begin offloading tasks to Luma within minutes of logging in for the first time. Not only does this transformation increase end-user satisfaction, it also improves the productivity of the support team, in some instances by 30-50%.

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