New ISM Dashboard. Bring it on!

November 12, 2019
New ISM Dashboard. Bring it on! New ISM Dashboard. Bring it on!

One of the things I love about working with customers is the opportunity to get feedback on our products and come back with improved solutions to their challenges. The introduction of our new dashboard for Serviceaide’s Intelligent Service Management (ISM) product is a great example. After a round of beta testing, we are launching the general availability (GA) version the week of November 11, 2019.

When building the new dashboard we looked at our existing reporting tools and dug into what scenarios were met already and what needed improvement. Our existing tools do a great job of scheduling and sending complex reports on a recurring basis as well as connecting on-premise reporting tools such as Power BI to the system. But, we lacked a powerful and easy to use real time visual tool for daily management. Users too often had to leave their Service Desk backlog and go to a different workspace within the interface to get insight.

Our new dashboard is dramatically different.  We listened to our customers and went even further to develop a solution that did more than just meet their needs.  This new dashboard provides so many enhancements.  It delivers better performance.  Better visualizations.  More filtering options.  Easier access for all analysts and managers.

What do these new features really mean? The new dashboard interface will provide better access to service desk insights and reporting.  It will provide a comprehensive snapshot of your service desk.  It’s designed to be a productive view for both analysts, managers and executives.  By delivering an improved dashboard, we improve not just performance but a useful visual tool to help IT management better evaluate high level metrics and assess operational health, in order to evaluate and take action.

Our commitment to our customers is an important part of our core values.  One we take very seriously.  We continue to evolve and improve our ISM product.  In fact, we have some exciting news coming up soon.  Imagine how we can leverage machine learning to deliver even more value in terms of service resolution and satisfaction.  Stay tuned…

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