Luma shines bright for CA SDM customers

June 4, 2018
Luma shines bright for CA SDM customers Luma shines bright for CA SDM customers

Customers of CA Technologies’ ITSM Suite and some earlier Service Desk Manager versions are getting an opportunity for exciting new capabilities from a somewhat unlikely source – Serviceaide. CA Technologies recently signed a partner agreement with Serviceaide to smooth the way for CA customers to use Serviceaide’sLuma SaaS-based virtual agent technology with existing SDM implementations. And Serviceaide has been quietly working on components that will simplify connecting Luma virtual agent instances to the SDM systems.

CA’s ITSM products have long placed an emphasis on self-service capabilities and have invested in their Unified Self-Service approach through the years. However, virtual agent technology has never been a key focus on their roadmap. At the same time, Serviceaide is making big bets on the impact virtual agents will have on the Service Management world and have been actively building out a platform to marry their Luma virtual agent technology not only to their own ITSM offerings, but to other vendors solutions as well. This creates a rare opportunity for CA ITSM customers (who are already predisposed to enabling self-service for their services) to take advantage of cutting-edge virtual agent technology to easily expand the channels of interaction with their self-service users.

The Luma virtual agent operates on conversational channels such as Slack, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and even Facebook to make access to common ITSM activities ubiquitous across communication channels and available 7 x 24. This allows the service desk to provide support wherever and whenever needed in an easy to consume manner. And because the skills-based AI gathers the necessary information as part of the interaction, the resulting tickets are well-formed and properly classified – a critical element for efficient handling.

Luma for SDM provides mechanisms for establishing secure access between the Luma virtual agent instances and the Service Desk Manager implementations and then leverages the SDM security model to control the data access and permissions level for interactions performed through the conversational channels. This means that the security rules you set in place within SDM are enforced when constituents use Luma to access ticket information, search knowledge documents, or submit requests.

Luma includes over 150 pre-defined skills targeted to the needs of self-service users as well as other skills focused on the activity and management functions for use by service desk analysts and managers. Management of the virtual agents, the creationof additional skills, deployment into additional channels, and other administrative functions are accomplished using the Luma Skills Builder tool.

Luma for SDM is built on SOAP-based and RESTFul Web Services APIs, which allows recent implementations of the CA’s ITSM Suite as well as earlier versions of CA Service Desk Manager to make use of Luma without requiring upgrades to their existing systems. This allows the service desk to adopt the usage-based subscription for the new virtual agent capability without heavy up-front investment.

Serviceaide’s Luma virtual agent technology provides customers with a natural language conversational approach to IT Service Management. With Luma users of CA Technologies ITSM Suite and Service Desk Manager can expand their support activities into the communication channels their users want without costly changes to the in-place ITSM implementations.

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