It’s Easier Than You Think

December 12, 2018
It’s Easier Than You Think It’s Easier Than You Think

Technology is meant to make our lives easier. In reality, however, implementing new software can be painful, and every one of us has struggled through our own deployment nightmares. Many people, consequently, are apprehensive about implementing new and better solutions.

Serviceaide is passionate about enabling you to deploy innovative solutions that have the potential to transform your service desk painlessly and rapidly. We embrace a professional services approach that spans the entire scope of service needs – people, process, and technology, and our implementation methodology accelerates solution delivery and time to value.

Committed to Your Success

Our outcome-based implementation methodology focuses on your business, operational, and technological future-desired state. We begin with a review of your current environment and a vision of where you would like to be in the future. With that information we can work together to formulate an implementation plan that helps you realize a substantial return on your investment, quickly.

  • Discovery – understanding your vision for a successful implementation is essential. We work with you to define a clear objective, assess needs, identify stakeholders and resources, plan the project, and explain our methodology.
  • Use case review – the practice of defining use cases establishes a structure for communication. Defining the way your end-users will interact with Luma, reviewing your current catalog and communication channels helps manage our project scope and define requirements that are accurate and pragmatic.
  • Requirements – the key component of this phase is to transform business needs and goals into clear and detailed requirements. We will align virtual agent skills with the goals you wish to achieve. Focusing on skills that will deliver immediate value sets the stage for a successful implementation.
  • Deployment – your requirements will now become reality as we configure functionality to meet your business process needs. Once the configuration is complete, it’s time to test the system using test cases to ensure Luma functions as expected. Involving representatives from multiple departments and levels will ensure real pain points are assessed. Identifying problems and gaps between functionality and defined requirements are
  • Acceptance testing – the final Luma configuration is loaded and all communication channels are configured. This is your chance to confirm Luma is functioning correctly across your environment with user acceptance testing. Once this phase has been completed, Luma will be put into production.

Meeting your objectives, on-time and within budget, is our number one goal. Serviceaide’s structured, outcomes-based approach accelerates time-to-value, mitigates risk, and improves reliability – you are positioned for lasting success.

And, no matter how smoothly implementation goes or how well-defined the use cases, real-world usage will validate the solution’s effectiveness. Training sessions, instructional materials, documentation, review of functionality and access to technical support establish a framework for your long-term success.

Be Assured, Be Confident

Too many IT organizations are, consequently, forced to choose between getting by with outdated systems or suffering with immature technologies not ready for deployment at scale.

Serviceaide has the commitment and expertise to enable you to deploy technologies which will transform your service desk painlessly – and providing your customers with a better self-service experiences is easier than you think. Contact us to discuss how we can make this a reality together.

Thanks for reading. I am, as always, very interested in your suggestions and questions – don’t hesitate to get In touch.

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