IT Service Management In A Post-Covid World

June 23, 2021
IT Service Management In A Post-Covid World IT Service Management In A Post-Covid World

The world post-COVID-19 is forever changed. Many of the trends that were underway prior to the pandemic have been accelerated. How we work, how we learn, how we entertain, how we communicate have undergone, in some cases, a radical reset. I came across an article from the World Economic Forum written in the Spring of 2020. The importance of digital readiness is more relevant now than ever before as we search to regain and improve many aspects of our daily life. 

Businesses are increasingly tasked to provide service and support in an efficient and productive manner. The role of automation is critical. The need to increase automation of processes and workflows, as well as the opportunity to leverage a virtual agent to automate employee and customer interactions, is a relevant and important aspect of service management. 

At Serviceaide, we are focused on delivering intelligent service and support. Our engineers were working on artificial intelligence and machine learning well before those phrases became a common part of people’s language. Leveraging automation and knowledge, with an intelligent conversational virtual agent can dramatically improve your service levels and satisfaction.

For more perspective on how support is changing, check out our recent white paper titled “In A Post Covid World: Boost Human Support With Virtual Agents”.

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