How IT Can Enjoy the Holidays Guilt-free

December 21, 2021
How IT Can Enjoy the Holidays Guilt-free how-it-can-enjoy-the-holidays-guilt-free

The holidays are a time of giving, family, and food. We all love the holidays but in the workplace they tend to disrupt productivity. Employee vacation time, holiday parties, and office closings interrupt workflow if the proper tools are not in place. The good news is we have tools to drive automation and self-service so everyone can relax and enjoy well-deserved time off.

Effective IT service and support management solutions will keep the business flowing, so whether you are in the office, your home office, or on vacation, there are no service interruptions.

Check to see if your ITSM tools make the nice or naughty list so you can relax guilt-free.

Smarter IT automation

Triage and routing service requests traditionally required a live person. Modern Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing has solved this need. With the help of an intelligent virtual agent, powered by AI, help desk technicians can enjoy their eggnog and let the virtual agent handle the inbound requests. Imagine a conversational interface that guides users to actionable requests and improves self-service. Leverage a virtual agent to optimize your workforce for extended coverage, enabling an effective remote workforce and ensuring service continuity. With a set of re-usable skills and automated tasks, traditional forms are eliminated and a conversation makes self-service easy, so users can resolve their issues without manual intervention. With smarter, time-saving automation, you can worry less about your service desk during the holiday.

Improved Data Quality

Modern IT service management tools improve the quality of how your organization operates. Until recently, it has been a labor intensive task for IT technicians to assess, route, and resolve tickets. With manual data entry, mistakes are bound to happen. But, with the latest advances in AI, machine learning, and automated workflow, services are more efficient than ever. Ticket data is improved during ticket capture by AI-based auto population of data. Better data means more actionable requests, less time spent chasing down information. Using intelligent service management tools, technicians benefit from properly routed and prioritized tickets, more accurate resolution recommendations, and better identification of identical issues to avoid redundant work. This results in lower effort, higher resolution rates, and reduced MTTR. And quality data allows more precise trend analysis and process optimization in an effective proactive manner.

Employee Self Service Tools

For end-users, smarter tools and a knowledge centric approach creates a more approachable, self-service environment yielding higher employee productivity and satisfaction. Modern service management software leveraging AI and machine learning can guide users every step of the way. ITSM with 24*7 real-time assistance and intuitive knowledge access is key. Having confidence that your ITSM ecosystem can support your tech team to get the job done while management is away is critical to avoid disaster during the holidays.

Happy Holidays

With better insight into the nature of the requests, you can be sure that your staff has what they need for success. That’s the beauty of intelligent service management tools. To minimize the impact of disruptions during holidays, trust a service management solution capable of providing and acting on quality information. With smarter, time-saving automation, you can worry less about your service desk during the holidays. With a “nice” ITSM solution, your IT staff and employees will be able to schedule their breaks and remain productive throughout the end of the year.

For more information on smart service management solutions, check out: Luma Virtual Agent and ChangeGear

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