Business Insights: Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Powered by API Integrations

February 1, 2021
Business Insights: Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Powered by API Integrations Effective IT Asset Management During COVID-19 | Essentials for Productivity, Security, and Resilience

Modern technologies and software that deliver instant access to everything from 1-click purchasing to mobile banking are engrained in almost every aspect of our daily lives—thereby providing people with immediate gratification. Whether you personally consider your employees to be “shrewd go-getters” or “self-proclaimed elites,” modern “knowledge workers” have evolved to expect the same level of convenience when conducting business activities as they do in their personal lives. Whether they engage with your IT department or another team in your company such as Human Resources, Engineering, Marketing, or Accounting, employees nowadays want (expect and often demand) a better user experience (UX). Consequently, businesses need to rethink their approach for providing services to employees.

As we learned in 2020, there are still many unknowns in the years to come. We do not know if/when COVID will “be over,” or what other pandemics may be looming on the horizon. But one prediction that we firmly believe will continue to ring true in 2021 and beyond is the growth of the digital revolution. Employees will continue to work remotely, so the need for enterprise-wide solutions will also continue to grow. The renewed focus on Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions, digital optimization, and their effect on employee engagement, are the reasons we chose ChangeGear’s Service Manager for this month’s Tech Spotlight.

Even before COVID-19, executives began seeing the adoption of ITSM concepts and ITIL best-practices in many departments (other than IT) evolve at a rapid pace. Thus, the name Enterprise Service Management (ESM) was born. ESM is the practice of applying IT Service Management (ITSM) principles and tools to other areas of an enterprise or organization with the purpose of improving performance, efficiency, and service delivery. Basically, ESM involves taking what works well in ITSM and applying it to your entire enterprise.

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