Automate IT Service Management with over 1,000 integrations – No Coding Required!

June 27, 2018
Automate IT Service Management with over 1,000 integrations – No Coding Required!

“The Zap was very easy to setup and the customization options are very useful.”
– David Shears, Systems Engineer, MNI Services Ltd.

Organizations today are using an ever-increasing number of applications to support their employees and customers. These apps add tremendous value to the company but often add complexity for the support team to manage. The support team’s system of record is the Service Management system so it’s critical for them to make it the hub for connecting these applications.

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As a simple solution to this ongoing challenge, you can now use Serviceaide’s Virtual Agent Luma, to triage a request from the user and then leverage our integration with Zapier to get tickets moving through your IT processes seamlessly.

At Serviceaide one of our key tenants is the ease of use and therefore we wanted to make it easier for organizations to connect to their diverse set of apps not only to share data between them but to automate their processes and make the entire organization more efficient.

You can now use our Virtual Agent Luma to triage a request from the user and then leverage our ITSM back end to automate more than 1,000 apps through our native Zapier integration. Zapier allows you to build code-less workflows to your favorite apps such as SurveyMonkey, Jira, G Suite, Autotask, Trello, Office 365, Connectwise, Slack, and more.

By building a custom workflow with Serviceaide and Zapier’s “Zaps,” analysts can break down the barriers that prevent them from getting information and addressing issues efficiently and holistically.

When thinking about building automation it’s often hard to know where to start. We suggest reviewing the list of Apps on Zapier to see which ones you use and then look at the suggested workflows or Templates available.

Here are just a few workflows or Zaps that automate Service Management and get those tickets moving:

  • Create a JIRA issue from a new Incident or an Incident from a JIRA issue
  • Send a SurveyMonkey survey when Luma closes a service request
  • Add new Service Desk users from new rows on Google Sheets
  • Send Twilio SMS messages or a message to a Slack channel when a new Incident has been created
  • Create an incident in Serviceaide from a New Relic Alert
  • Parse an email and use specific values to create a ticket
  • Get Pingdom web site alerts as Incidents in Serviceaide
  • Send an SMS message to a manager for a priority 1 ticket
  • Create an organization in Serviceaide when an opportunity closes in Salesforce
  • Create a defect in JIRA for a Problem in Serviceaide
  • Import new contacts into Serviceaide from a Google Sheet
  • Create a Change Request once a quarter for a scheduled upgrade
  • Post a message to a Slack Channel for all tickets in a particular category
  • Create a meeting on a calendar for a planned change

Luma uses a conversational interface, to guide and gather information for ticket creation. Now, Luma can keep analysts working even more efficiently by using Zapier’s simple app integration to create workflows and automate tasks that will save both time and money. For more information on the 1000+ apps that can now be integrated with Serviceaide visit

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