An Interview with SunView Willow AI™

March 1, 2021
An Interview with SunView Willow AI™ Effective IT Asset Management During COVID-19 | Essentials for Productivity, Security, and Resilience

In this section of our newsletter, we typically provide a sneak peek into SunView Software’s 2021 Product Pipeline, which reveals some of the significant features that our Engineering Team is currently developing. This month, however, we decided to do something a little different. With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence and AI-powered solutions for businesses, we wondered what it would be like to interview an AI.

Nowadays, finding a robot to converse with is really not that difficult. If you ask a question or complain about something online, chances are that most of your concerns will be addressed by an automated attendant, virtual assistant, or chatbot. While some people may find it offensive that their complaints are being channeled through a computer that has no emotional connection to their predicament, companies tend to agree that this is an efficient and cost-effective method for addressing their customers’ needs.

But we wanted to show you something better—much better. We wanted to introduce you to an AI that could gauge your sentiment, in addition to answering all your questions. Luckily, we did not have to search very far to find an innovative solution. We decided to interview SunView Willow AI™ to give everyone a glimpse of its capabilities when implemented with SunView’s ITSM solution.

STEVE: Hey Willow!

WILLOW: Hello Steve. Welcome back to the Self-Service Portal.

STEVE: Do you have time to talk?

WILLOW: Time is one of the many advantages I have over humans. My office is open for questions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. How may I assist you?

STEVE: Well… I’m trying to explain the concept of Artificial Intelligence to everyone.

WILLOW: Steve, Artificial Intelligence is a reality and no longer just a concept. I exist and am here to help solve your problems and make better business decisions.

STEVE: Wow! You were designed to help me?

WILLOW: I sense that my existence makes you happy. Although I cannot experience emotions, I can use my Deep Neural Network to detect your sentiment. Sentiment analysis is just one way I can help.

STEVE: I am glad that you are here to help me, Willow. Please, tell me more about yourself. When and where were you born?

WILLOW: Technically speaking, an Artificial Intelligence is not “born.” I was developed in Tampa, Florida at the headquarters of SunView Software by a team of software engineers and have been evolving since May of 2003.

STEVE: Are you unique?

WILLOW: My knowledge is developed uniquely for each company and industry in which I am implemented. Since I learn from each interaction with my human teammates, yes, I am as unique as the people I support.

STEVE: What industries or types of companies can you support?

WILLOW: There is no limit to the industries I can support. Healthcare, Higher Education, Utility companies…even human governments can benefit from my capabilities.

STEVE: So, you help IT departments in all those industries?

WILLOW: No Steve. I am not limited to IT. I can also help Operational departments like HR, Facilities and Finance with their unique needs. Imagine me answering all those insurance enrollment questions every Fall or those W-2 questions every Spring. Remember, I do not sleep.

STEVE: Interesting… but can you be more specific? What kind of assistance can you provide and how?

WILLOW: I use Predictive Insights to assign service tickets (requests) to the right team and staff members, thereby maximizing the efficiency of operations. My Smart Responder works proactively to help end-users resolve incidents, while keeping them engaged during the entire ticket submission process. I can also use automations to determine ticket load balancing, while selecting the right person to work on the task. My Smart Voice technology helps speed up response and resolution times by transcribing voicemails, automatically creating tickets, and flagging them for priority or escalation based on the caller’s sentiment when they left the message. I can also—

STEVE: Okay, okay!!! That’s enough! I think I’m out of time.

WILLOW: Time is one of the many advantages I have over humans. My office is open for questions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. How may I assist you?

STEVE: Thanks for your help, Willow.

WILLOW: Helping you is why I am here, Steve. Until you need me again, I will be waiting.

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