A Virtual Agent Will Future-Proof Your Help Desk

April 10, 2019
A Virtual Agent Will Future-Proof Your Help Desk A Virtual Agent Will Future-Proof Your Help Desk

One thing that is constant in the modern workplace is change. And, while no one can predict the future with certainty, it’s clear that help desk teams need an IT service management solution that evolves its functionality—not only are IT teams being asked to manage an increasingly complex array of apps, devices, and systems, customers are looking for intuitive, personalized and service-oriented experiences when they reach out for technical support.

There are many reasons that may spur an organization to replace its ITSM solution. Solutions can become overly complex and costly over time. Some solutions may not scale as your company grows or keep up with new technologies. Company acquisitions and mergers often demand changes in technology. Whatever the reason a forklift replacement of an ITSM solution will almost certainly lead to a disruptive technical support experience for end users.

A Familiar (Inter)Face

A virtual agent, such as Luma, is deployed between your service management solution and the end users it supports. In this way, Luma future-proofs your user interface to any changes made to your ITSM solution.

Luma has been purpose-built for ITSM and comes with over 200 skills. Luma’s conversational interface guides users to actionable requests and improved self-service. It relieves agents from the frustration of handling mundane, yet time-consuming requests and the burden of chasing down end users for more information and subsequently following up with them for approvals to close tickets.

Unlike other virtual agents, which are only capable of interoperating with one ITSM solution, Luma seamlessly integrates with most of the popular platforms. Luma connects to BMC Remedy, CA Service Desk Manager, Cherwell, Connectwise, EasyVista, Freshservice, Kaseya and ServiceNow and, of course, it also integrates with Serviceaide’s Intelligent Service Management (ISM) solution.

Luma is so much more than a chatbot. It includes an automation engine that allows many service workflows to be implemented without analyst involvement. More than 25 workflows are available out-of-the-box and more workflows are added with each new release of Luma

Additionally, one of the best things about Luma is that it enables end users to report issues conveniently by communicating with messaging apps and other tools they are already using—this includes Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Slack, Skype, Skype for Business, MS Teams and more.

Be Ready for the Future

Every interaction with IT needs to be fast and frictionless and done right the first time because employee productivity correlates to business outcomes. A virtual agent which serves as the interface to end users can contribute significantly to a future-proof help desk. The ability to upgrade an ITSM platform without disruption to customer service experiences frees IT teams from being beholden to an underperforming legacy system.

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