5 Strategies for Implementing a Successful Service Desk

April 8, 2013
5 Strategies for Implementing a Successful Service Desk Effective IT Asset Management During COVID-19 | Essentials for Productivity, Security, and Resilience

Technology drives efficiency in nearly every company today. The dependency on technology for productivity drives the need for efficient processes for resolving technology incidents. Every company needs an effective support organization powered by Service Desk automation. A proficient Service Desk can prevent employees from wasting hours of their time on something that could be solved in minutes. If your company doesn’t currently have a Service Desk, I would recommend implementing one as soon as possible.

5 getting started strategies:

  1. Define your Key Goals & Metrics. Decide what services the Service Desk will provide and figure out a way to measure results. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.
  2. Take Small Incremental Steps. Implement new ideas slowly over a period of time. Doing too much at once will get you nowhere. Getting started with automation of the incident management process will provide you with the tools to measure and understand the effectiveness of your support.
  3. Understand your Customer. Try to think like your customers and be patient – something that seems so obvious to you may be difficult for them. The more you understand your customers the better services you will be able to provide.
  4. Hire the Right People. It is best to hire staff members who possess both technical and customer service skills. However, keep in mind that it is easier for a friendly, outgoing person to learn how to resolve technical issues than vice versa.
  5. Define Processes & Automate. Whether it’s ITIL, the most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management, or another best practices framework, outline processes for your staff and automate with a simple yet innovative Service Desk solution. Having the right Service Desk will improve your ability to measure your results, improve communications with employees, and mange your workloads.

What experiences do you want to share about implementing a Service Desk?

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