4 Key Reasons to Implement an IT Service Catalog

October 9, 2012
4 Key Reasons to Implement an IT Service Catalog Effective IT Asset Management During COVID-19 | Essentials for Productivity, Security, and Resilience

The purpose of a Service Catalog is to help your users understand how the IT organization can help them do their jobs. An ITIL-based Service Catalog allows your customers to know: what will be delivered, when it will be delivered, what it will cost and what is the expected service level.

If you are implementing an ITIL-based framework for your IT Organization then a Service Catalog should be an integral part of your planning. Take a look at our free Service Catalog guide by clicking on the offer below.

Reason 1 & 2 to Implement the IT Service Catalog: Standardization and Quality

A Service Catalog can help to standardize the IT Organization’s service delivery and at the same time improve your overall service quality. By having a standard catalog of available IT services, you no longer have the issue of dealing with each request as a unique issue. Now your IT organization can drive a process of “wash, rinse, repeat.” This is the best way to not only improve quality, but to reduce costs as well.

Reason 3 & 4 to Implement the IT Service Catalog: Service and Cost Controls

The Service Catalog is a great way to “guide” your users to the right solution for their need or issue. The Catalog can also give your users visibility into the project scope, its cost, and the service-level. The Catalog gives you the ability to create a service to cost-performance ratio. This allows the IT Organization to successfully manage resource utilization while effectively controlling demand.

Remember, the Service Catalog is not just for Service Desk management. Your Service Desk needs to be about Incident Management, addressing service disruptions – break/fix. Your Service Catalog, on the other hand needs to be focused on your ongoing service operations and agreements in order to fully support the needs of the enterprise.

Benefits of a Service Catalog:

  • Reduce the operational cost of delivering services
  • Dramatically decrease the time for the completion of services
  • Better manage resources to effectively meet demand
  • Measurably improve customer satisfaction
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