Reduce IT Costs by 30% with Luma Virtual Agent

Organizations using Luma can reduce costs by 30% or more. Implement AI capabilities quickly, within a low or no-code environment

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Leading Companies Enhance Self-Service

Deliver great experiences and improve productivity:

  • Help users find answers to questions easily.
  • Leverage predictive capabilities to anticipate unmet needs.
  • Empower service owners at a fraction of the cost.
  • Included in the ChangeGear Service Manager solution.

Hundreds of Integrations

Luma seamlessly integrates with existing service and support infrastructures and processes. Including ChangeGear, ServiceNow, Cherwell, BMC, TOPdesk, and others. Luma also supports multiple communications channels including MS Teams, Slack, Google, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

Of High-Volume Tickets Offloaded

After the implementation of Luma Virtual Agent on ServiceNow, they were able to improve self-service and extend availability of support.

ROI Within 3 Months of Implementation

After implementing Luma Virtual Agent with a Serviceaide service management platform, Academy Bank was able to reduce staff and track productivity savings. 

Skills leverage by Luma Virtual Agent

After the implementation of Luma Virtual Agent, Burger King improved service availability and types of capabilities across IT, HR and Operations.
Burger King