Proven AI-based Service Management Software.

Everyone says they have AI. Work with someone that does. Only Serviceaide has the expertise and proven customer use cases. With a third-generation virtual agent, and years of AI expertise, our solutions can transform your digital processes.  Let us help you get started.

ChangeGear is a complete, AI-based service management solution.

Modern and Easy To Use


ChangeGear has an extensive set of process modules to meet broad requirements for an ITSM solution, as well as advanced solutions for change management, asset management and more.

Intelligent Decision-Making

AI-based Productivity

Make faster decisions and enable self-service. Leverage machine learning and natural language processing to speed automation and resolution for both the analyst to the end user.

Advanced Automation

Business Value

ChangeGear delivers measurable value. From time to implementation, low cost of administration, and enhanced productivity, you will see your total cost of ownership improve.

Best Of Breed Software Management Solution

Optimize Your Workflow To Support The Complexity Of Change

80% of business outages are caused by poor change management.

Optimize Your Workflow To Support The Complexity Of Change

Solid change management is critical to high performing businesses. ChangeGear is designed to support complexity and regulatory requirements.

  • Provide enhanced workflows for complex change requirements.
  • Create a central repository for all change requests.
  • Minimize risks and downtime.
  • Handle compliance reporting.


Serviceaide recognized as a Generative AI leader by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

In Quadrant Knowledge Solution’s newly released report SPARK Matrix: IT Service Management Tools, Q4 2023 ChangeGear stands out from the competitors with scalable, modular features that are powered by the AI technology Serviceaide possesses. ChangeGear’s various modules allow companies to tailor their service and support platform to their specific business needs.

Customer Success Stories

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