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Global Clothing Retailer
Global Clothing Retailer Success Story

Global Clothing Retailer

Serviceade’s ISM replaced a leading service management platform at a global retailer by providing
enterprise class functionality with a path to significant savings.

On Star

Success Story

Global Electronics Manufacturer

A global electronics manufacturer provided a reliable, fast communication channel for employees with Luma
Virtual Agent, transforming the day to day service activities.

On Star

On Star Success Story

OnStar believes you can’t put a price on peace of mind for every driver. That’s why they integrated over 7
departments on the ISM unified work platform to increase efficiency and customer response time.

Leading Food Retail Franchise

Leading Food Retail Franchise

Leading Food Retail Franchise

By integrating Luma Vitual Agent into the human resource platform, this food retailer was able to quickly
improve and streamline the employee experience.

POB provides Academy Bank

POB provides Academy Bank

POB provides Academy Bank’s service management team with insight into staff case load and high-priority
cases using key performance indicators (KPI). Even more, the staff has the ability to follow a clear
escalation path for follow-up.

Global Hospitality Leader

Global Hospitality Leader

Global Hospitality Leader

A global hospitality leader differentiates the customer experience in over 1200 hotels. By providing a
full, digital customer service powered by Luma, all their guests can access a virtual concierge, bringing a
new meaning to the term “customer service”.

Leading Healthcare Provider

Leading Healthcare Provider

Leading Healthcare Provider

Improving service management is a must, especially if you are a leading healthcare provider. By
implementing ISM, they were able to answer healthcare subscription questions across multiple healthcare
plans and applications, at a volume of over 70k tickets a month.

A Fast Paced Retail Chain

A Fast Paced Retail Chain

A Fast Paced Retail Chain

With over 4200 stores, and 6k tickets a month and growing, a fast paced retail chain implemented Luma to be
first point of contact for their baristas. Streamlining service and support is a critical part of their
culture for both employees and customers.

Meet Luma,TM The Virtual Agent

Luma Support

By embracing artificial intelligence and virtual agents, you can enrich every customer’s experience, and enhance every support analyst’s job satisfaction.

5 Reasons to Make Virtual Agent Adoption a Priority How to solve an ITSM
industry challenge: Deliver excellent service in a cost-effective way!
Re-inventing Service Management with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Agents
Re-inventing Service Management with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Agents

Service Efficiency with Luma

Over 40% of organizations take 1-4 hours to respond to service requests. With Luma response is immediate, shortening overall time to resolution by 30 percent or more – saving you time and money.

30% Faster

Over 40% of organizations take 1-4 hours to respond to online ticket requests.

Improved Customer

Intelligent and efficient support keeps customers happy and loyal.

According to Forrester

“Virtual support agents and artificial intelligence capabilities, can transform the
way that support analysts perform their jobs and improve customer experience.”

Serviceaide’s Intelligent Service

A modern ITSM Platform at an affordable price

Increasingly complex infrastructure, pressure from leadership, and hundreds of service desk
solutions to choose from. Ask yourself: are you getting the best return on investment from your ITSM

Serviceaide’s innovative ISM (Intelligent Service Management) solution provides the industry’s
best return-on-investment. It features nine ITIL-certified processes, automated workflows, and asset
management. Ism is intuitive to configure, easy to learn and simple to use.

When combined with Luma, ISM offers unmatched
agility, intelligence and value, and automated workflows enable support teams to unlock the power of

cadillac white paper ITSM
You don’t pay for bells and whistles that you will never need.

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“I have used Service Desk and IT Service Management products from other vendors
throughout my career, so I know firsthand the steps to add, change and configure functionality. The ease of use
and correspondingly low administrative burden, versus other solutions I used and evaluated, quickly became
apparent when I evaluated Intelligent Service Management. This is why I chose Serviceaide.”

Peter Jurhs
Nampa School District
Director of Information Services

IT and Business Service Providers
win big with Serviceaide

cadillac white paper ITSM

If you are an IT Outsourcer, Business Process Outsourcer, Manages Service Provider or Systems
Integrator, look no further for solutions to help you create new differentiated service offerings, lower your
overhead, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction.

Our Service Management platform, Intelligent Service Management (ISM) was created for managed
service providers. It is multi-tenant and allows you to onboard and manage clients in as little as a few
hours. With low administrative burden, and value pricing you can provide services with a low TCO.

Luma enables new revenue streams. Luma is a SaaS-based solution that can be installed quickly
and managed easily, and it is agnostic to the third-party solutions it integrates with – these include CRM,
ERP and ITSM platforms. Luma’s UI based skills builder makes it easy to develop client-specific skills without
coding. Automated workflows can offload mundane tasks from support agents, reducing your cost of support. Like
ISM, Luma is multi-tenant.

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