Case Study

Serviceaide Success Stories—
Nampa School District

Case Study

The Nampa School District Information Services department was limping along with an old help desk that was impacting service, problem resolution, and ultimately student learning.

That’s when they turned to Serviceaide and its Intelligent Service Management solution. The IT department was quickly transformed into a highly-responsive organization, and customer satisfaction skyrocketed.


Nampa School District


Nampa, Idaho

ITSM Software

Intelligent Service Management


Students submit tickets with less than 10 minutes of instruction
Individualized support for each school
Visibility into individual schools and the district
Timely, responsive customer service
Easy administration and low operating costs

The Challenge

Nampa’s IT and support teams previously used an antiquated help desk that didn’t facilitate self-service. The data that enables reporting and analysis wasn’t accessible. Visibility into incident status and resolutions was obscured. Problems went unresolved. So, in the end, digital learning was impeded. Consequently, the end-users perceived the IT department and its support as unresponsive. As a result, IT services were underutilized and satisfaction remained discouragingly low.

The Solution

Using Intelligent Service Management, the Nampa School District IT department implemented service management best practices to ensure reliable operation of data networks, applications, and classroom digital-assisted learning devices. Incidents and requests are now quickly acknowledged, end-users easily check the status on their own, and problems are resolved expeditiously. Data collection and segmenting the schools is enabling the IT department to review the number of incidents and the rate of resolution for each school. They can now determine if the processes are consistent, identify and investigate anomalies, troubleshoot device and technology issues, and fix workflow inefficiencies and broken processes.

The Results

As the best practices were enforced by the Intelligent Service Management solution, the IT department was transformed from an unresponsive and reactive organization into an exceptional customer service organization that quickly resolves incidents and fulfills requests. This transformation is also driving far higher IT service utilization. Teachers and students have become active participants who regularly submit tickets because it’s easier than ever to do. Director of Information Services, Peter Jurhs, is proud that customer satisfaction has skyrocketed. “We are now seen as the students’ and teachers’ partners… Intelligent Service Management is a flexible and malleable system that enables us to listen, respond, and adjust to the needs of our customers.”

“I have used service desk and IT service management products from other vendors throughout my career. The ease of use and correspondingly low administrative burden, versus other solutions I used and evaluated, quickly became apparent when I evaluated Intelligent Service Management. This is why I chose it.”

— Peter Jurhs, Director of Information Services, Nampa School District

About Nampa School District
The Nampa School District serves the city of Nampa in Canyon County, Idaho. The school district is focused on providing excellent customer service and fostering positive relationships. Collaborative customer service—supporting nearly 17,000 individuals and 20,000 devices across 23 public schools and 3 charter schools—maximizes learning opportunities for educators and students alike. The school district employs more than 849 certified staff, 48 administrators, 384 classified staff, and 345 substitutes to support its school system. The system comprises 14 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 3 high schools, an alternative “Big Picture” innovation high school, and a career technical school, as well as 3 special education programs and 3 charter schools. Learn more at

About Serviceaide
Serviceaide is reinventing Service Management with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Serviceaide delivers comprehensive and flexible IT Service Management solutions with fast time-to-value and low ongoing cost of ownership. All Serviceaide products are hosted in the cloud and feature quick onboarding and low-burden administration. Visit to learn more or request a demo.

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