Case Study

Serviceaide Success Stories – Leading fast food franchise takes employee experience to the next level

Case Study

The $5 billion, worldwide corporation values quality food, responsible sourcing, strong community, and a better planet.


Fast food franchise


Human Resources


Leading fast food
restaurant franchisee with
over 900 stores in Brazil.

An investment in Serviceaide’s virtual agent, Luma, helped a franchisee of a global multibillion dollar fast food restaurant improve employee experience and reduce error rates in just seven weeks.

The adoption of Luma is no surprise as Gartner finds that “the organizations with mature human resources service management technology and processes seek to further improve their ROI and service experience with new technologies, such as virtual agents.”

Luma has become an intelligent HR partner, focusing heavily on employee engagement, answering administrative questions such as “how many days of vacation do I have left” or “how do I apply for a pay advancement,” ultimately increasing issue response to over 800 conversations each week. These transactions include:

Time card processing
Pay advancements
Meal allowance knowledge
Health insurance information and requests
Employee programs
Vacation and holiday knowledge
Hire/termination requests
Employee dependent requests
Compensation documentation

Luma’s natural language conversational interface guides employee requests to immediate resolutions. Employees benefit from an enriched customer experience while enhancing support analyst’s job satisfaction.

The Challenge


The corporation takes pride in the development of their employees and resulting superior customer service. It strives to provide flexible schedules, world-class professional training, advancement opportunities, and education benefits for all corporate and restaurant employees. With thousands of local employees and a desire to be a world-class employer that prepares employees for the future, a high-volume of employee requests bombard HR staff. The HR team in Brazil recognized a barrier in responding to employee needs. They could only effectively handle 100 employee issues per week due to limitations in time and capacity, often unable to meet the strategic goals of the organization. A better way to ensure HR effectiveness, specifically increasing the capabilities to deliver services across all local franchises and reducing telephone calls to the HR service desk, was a top priority for leadership.

The Solution


Serviceaide’s Intelligent Service Management (ISM) was already an integral and trusted part of the local operations. ISM manages everything from POS systems to fryers, and HV/AC. The need to increase HR efficiency and deliver a better, faster employee experience made artificial intelligence (AI) and the deployment of a virtual agent an exciting option. Furthermore, widespread adoption of mobile technology and the restaurant’s millennial workforce, made Luma, ISM’s fully integrated, consumer-grade virtual agent, a no-brainer for meeting the needs of HR.

The Results


The customer is pleased with the speed of implementation and the immediate return on investment (ROI). The chatbot, which launched in February 2019, took just seven weeks to implement and train employees. Immediately upon launch, the AI chatbot is handling 800+ conversations per week. Employees are thrilled with the consumer-grade service experience with instant answers and guidance. The local organization cut costs and reduced error rates, and HR personnel have more freedom to work on high-value, human-touch activities.

Reduce Manual Activities to a Single Request

Joe would like to request an advancement in his weekly pay. Before Luma, Joe followed a lengthy process that takes time and effort from him, his manager, and HR personnel. Luma streamlines the process, eliminating repetitive, data-gathering tasks.

Case Study Illustration
Case Study Illustration


Fast time to value (seven weeks from start to launch)
Reduced costs with chatbot handling 800+ conversations per week
Decreased human-error rate with standardized processes

“Integrating Luma into our HR process was easy. A comprehensive understanding of how our employees interact, their level of comfort with technology, and limitations, led us to provide options rather than open ended questions during Luma interactions. The success of HR is driving us to expand into financial services and company logistics.”

– Chief People Officer,

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