Case Study

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Independent Purchasing Cooperative

Case Study

Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC) manages the purchasing and supply chain for Subway’s 36,000 North American franchise locations.

IPC’s IT team was struggling with their complicated change management processes. Then they discovered Serviceaide’s Intelligent Service Management solution. Soon, IPC was able to dramatically increase ITIL efficiency and decrease overhead.



Miami, Florida

ITSM Software

Intelligent Service Management


Dramatically reduced IT operational costs due to cloud-based infrastructure
92% reduction in system administration time through codeless configuration and automation
Increased compliance and confidence in releases with ITIL-verified change management

The Challenge

Before the advent of Cloud Service Management, IPC’s service management system was highly resource-intensive, requiring three full-time developers to configure and manage and an on-premise infrastructure with significant operational overhead. The IT department also struggled to implement fundamental ITIL processes across their IT organization. “We deploy releases into production twice a day, and it’s critically important for auditing requirements that we follow effective change control,” says Director of Application Development Fernando Mejia. “Our previous service management tool had change management processes in place that were difficult to configure and use, putting us at risk of service disruptions and noncompliance.”

The Solution

By implementing Serviceaide’s fully cloud-based Intelligent Service Management, IPC was able to achieve ITIL efficiency and slash its IT overhead costs. IPC immediately eliminated all unnecessary IT infrastructure expenses. They were also able to dramatically reduce the costs of ITSM support by utilizing codeless configuration and automation. With Intelligent Service Management’s ITIL-verified change management, asset management, and other processes, the team can now quickly implement change controls for auditing compliance. The easy-to-configure processes facilitate their software delivery lifecycle, for greater confidence and security in their twice-daily releases.

The Results

“Now, instead of dedicating three team members to system configuration and management, we allocate just 25% of one employee’s time to administration,” Fernando said. “Intelligent Service Management freed up my developers to work on other, more valuable projects.” “We’re all about efficiency,” continued Fernando. “The ability to configure processes instead of having to develop them not only reduces the burden on our team, but allows us to maximize efficiency and be more dynamic.” “Above all,” says Fernando, “our highest value is addressing the bottom line. During our 16 years in business, we’ve eliminated $1 billion of overhead through our cost-reduction activities…Intelligent Service Management was the right choice for us because of the value we gain from cost and resource savings, complemented by its ease of use.”

“Serviceaide’s Intelligent Service Management freed up my developers to work on other, more valuable projects. Above all, our highest value is addressing the bottom line. Intelligent Service Management was the right choice for us because of the value we gain from cost and resource savings, complemented by its ease of use.”

— Fernando Mejia
Director of Application Development, IPC

About Independent Purchasing Cooperative
Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC) is an independent Subway franchisee-owned and operated purchasing cooperative based in Miami, Florida. IPC works with Franchise World Headquarters LLC to negotiate the lowest costs for purchased goods and services, while improving quality,enhancing competitiveness, and ensuring the best value to Subway members and their customers. The company’s IT team supports operations for its headquarters and two call centers. The team also operates line-of-business applications that support the sale of over 4 million Subway sandwiches each and every day. IPC’s mission is to help Subway franchisees be more profitable and competitive—today and for the future. Learn
more at

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