Case Study

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Gemdale Property

Case Study

Gemdale Property uses Serviceaide’s Virtual Service Agent, Luma, to serve their community. Luma uses natural language processing and machine learning technology to provide users with a better residential community service experience.

Gemdale is a leading real estate and property information solution provider in China, with more than 20 years experience in the property industry. Gemdale prides itself in providing innovative, high quality property information services to their property owners with a focus on user experience.


Gemdale Property


Shenzhen, China

ITSM Software



Differentiated Consumer service based on AI
Increased efficiency of property services
Families better served and connected
The needs of community owners are grasped in real time, allowing continual creation of business value

“Luma’s conversational skills, ease of building new skills and the flexible external system API calling ability are very helpful for Gemdale to expand and deploy new property service capabilities very quickly.”

– Lu Yu – Property Manager, Gemdale Property Information Department

The Challenge

Recognizing a huge opportunity for the development of community property services and the potentially huge commercial value, how does the use of industry leading advanced AI technology enable them to create differentiated services in the property management sector? How to use AI technology to improve the service experience of community residents, better connect families, increase the speed of services, and effectively reduce costs and improve service efficiency, has become the primary issue.

The Solution

The natural language processing and machine learning technology provided by Luma enables employees or owners of Gemdale Property to seek help or submit questions by chatting with a virtual agent, providing them with a faster and simpler service interaction. This new way to provide better quality property services for the owners has created a brand new differentiated property service for Gemdale Properties. The solution can reduce the cost of property services, improve the productivity of property employees, improve the quality of property services, increase property management income, and improve the decision-making ability of property management.

Value to Customers

In the first phase of the project, Gemdale used Luma to connect to the home app, providing users with the most commonly used property services such as home appliance maintenance, public office reporting, various property payments, contact with housekeepers, etc. by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. In the future, Gemdale will continue to increase the number of skills in the virtual agent chat service to add community lifestyle skills, increasing the fun of using Luma. At the same time, Gemdale is very confident about promoting Luma for internal service management. By supporting their service management staff with a mobile app, it will better serve the community owners and truly improve the efficiency of property services.

“Luma is a good tandem of business and IT, helping to quantify the demand for property services and driving IT to continue to create value for the business. It truly reflects the data-driven business transformation, which generates more valuable business data.”

— Mr. Ou – Technical Director, Gemdale Property Information Department

About Gemdale Property
Gemdale Property was established in Shenzhen in 1993. It is a platform for property management services provided by Gemdale Group, and a leading community service management integrated operator in China’s property industry. At present, it has served about 2,000 communities, covering more than 100 large and medium-sized cities. The contract service area has exceeded 500 million square meters and serves more than 5 million customers. For more information, please visit

About Serviceaide
Serviceaide is re-creating Service Management with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Serviceaide delivers solutions that have configurable ticket management, ITIL certified processes, scalability, data connectivity, artificial intelligence, and a virtual support agent. All with a low administrative burden and cost of ownership. For more information please visit to learn more or request a demo.

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