Case Study

Serviceaide Success Stories – BRK Ambiental

Case Study

Lacking SLA monitoring and difficulty in ORGANIZATION preparing reports, BRK Environmental selected a Service Management tool that would better meet the company’s demands.

They have discovered ISM – Intelligent Service Management, a Serviceaide solution that, besides helping them in call monitoring and support, is not limited only to IT but benefits other areas of the company.




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Intelligent Service Management


Flexible tools that enable service management to go beyond IT and that benefits the company’s other departments
To have a more accurate view of indicators and SLAs
Monitoring, visibility, and management of calls in one place

The Challenge

BRK Environmental is one of the largest private sanitation companies in the country and is present in more than 180 Brazilian municipalities, benefiting the lives of 15 million people. In addition to developing solutions to preserve natural resources and improve the quality of life of the residents of the cities where it operates, the company operates waste and water treatment plants for industrial operations. An integral part of Brookfield since 2017, BRK underwent an internal strategy adjustment to better meet the compliance and governance requirements established by Brookfield. However, the previous service desk application was unable to meet the new standards and market processes now required. “We had no SLA monitoring, and the process of preparing reports was extremely difficult”. Head of the IT department, Ygor sought information that would better meet the company’s new requirements.

The Solution

Understanding the challenge, Ygor began to search the market for a tool that would meet the company’s needs. After a meticulous search, Serviceaide was selected through Stefanini. “After a recommendation from Serviceaide, BRK went through a standardization of its service catalog before effectively implementing the new solutions. That is because without this standard, we could not take advantage of all the benefits and possibilities of the new tool,” explains Ygor. Currently, the company already has two Serviceaide solutions: ISM – Intelligent Service Management, a complete service management solution that simplifies the efforts of support teams and improves the end-user experience, and which currently serves 3,600 employees of the company; and Luma – the first virtual agent solution for service management with artificial intelligence. It is currently focused on the BRK IT team, but with the objective of expanding usage to other groups.

The Results

Analyzing the scenario, Ygor believes that the principal results are mainly on account of the unification of the various IT processes into a single tool. “With Serviceaide, the IT staff can track the entire process of a call in a single site, which was previously broken up into multiple platforms. In addition, there is also greater internal visibility of IT, as well as other business areas, on how we are performing,” explains Ygor. Regarding the internal response to the use of the new tool, the manager says that it was above expectations. In a campaign conducted next to the Communications department, the IT team sought to educate a large number of employees about the advantages of the tool, highlighting the optimization of work, ease of use, and how intuitive it was. “The response has been very positive,” says Ygor. “Keeping track of a project that expands its scope every day has been a pleasure for us. Serviceaide understands that service management solutions do not need to be nor should they be limited to IT, when that perception is reflected by the customer, as in the case of BRK, this shows that we are on the right track,” concludes Daniel Sasajima, the Director for Serviceaide Latin America.

“Initially focused on IT services, the project is now gearing up for a second phase, expanding its role in the service component of the sanitation company. Previously, service calls targeted towards facilities or compliance were all carried out via email and without monitoring. Today we have a much more accurate view of indicators and SLAs.”

– Ygor Cezar, Head of IT,
BRK Ambiental

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BRK Ambiental is the largest private sanitation company in Brazil. We maintain investments in more than 180 municipalities in the country, providing services that benefit more than 15 million people. With modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment, we work in the management of water and sewage services, in the treatment of industrial waste, in the provision of utilities, and in the development of other diverse environmental solutions for a wide variety of demands. Learn more at

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