Case Study

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Atlas Schindler Elevators

Case Study

Atlas Schindler Elevators has upgraded its Service ORGANIZATION Desk for a transformation in call support and request fulfillment.

Serviceaide has embraced the challenge of formalizing and automating IT processes, in providing a better end-user experience, and giving insight into and monitoring of the performance of the operation to the managers.


Atlas Schindler Elevators


São Paulo, SP

ITSM Software

Intelligent Service Management


Easy visualization of the indicators, allowing a closer monitoring of the operation performance
Automation of IT processes
Easy integration with a virtual agent

The Challenge

In 2018, Atlas Schindler Elevators celebrates a century of presence in Brazil. The national leader in elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and related services, the company acts with a firm purpose: to offer security, comfort, and flexibility for each customer that interacts with the brand. In this scenario, the Information Technology area plays a decisive role; finding a tool that helps in the continuous search for quality is not an easy task. The tool used globally for years by the Service Desk has been discontinued. In addition, the company’s local landscape presented opportunities in SLA metrics, and the company sought an updated cash management plan. “Migrating to a new tool capable of raising the customer service level, in line with the most up-to-date in the market, was the biggest wish in the IT area,” explains Vanessa Tavares de Mello, Head for the company’s Service Management. The Service Desk is currently the internal IT user’s gateway to Atlas Schindler. It is used to manage all services; it serves more than 2,800 network users and systems of which the main one is SAP, more than 2,600 specialized field technicians who use the “FieldLink” maintenance management system, and all fixed and mobile telephony users in 150 locations across the country.

The Solution

The partner, Stefanini, presented the ISM – Intelligent Service Management from Serviceaide to Atlas Schindler, which allows closer monitoring of the operation’s performance. “For now, we are using ISM for IT incident management. However, another department – the Logistics area – has already consulted with us for a possible configuration of the parts ordering tool. It’s another opportunity to automate our processes.” Vanessa explains. Also in IT, the tool will be used to manage telecom services and requirements of the Schindler Ahead solution, which allows the monitoring and management of elevators through technology and services based on the IoT concept (see:
Stefanini conducts the first and second service levels of the Service Desk of Atlas Schindler, while the third level is under the responsibility of the IT department. “We took over the operation of Service Desk of Atlas Schindler in 2017 and during the first month we used the client’s tool. We realized that after the migration to Serviceaide, it was necessary to redesign the call recording process and align the team to the best practices of the ITIL methodology. In addition, with ISM, we began to receive automated daily performance reports of the operation, allowing us to visualize opportunities for improvement at specific points,” says David de Jesus Nunes Pereira, the Field Services Coordinator of Stefanini.
Among Stefanini and Atlas Schindler professionals, 66 analysts handle the tool serving about 5,500 employees with four channels: telephone, email, an app for managers, and a self-service portal. “As employees become familiar with the portal, a more agile and practical service becomes possible, with lower costs for the company and better service to the users,” says Vanessa.

The Results

The in-house Service Desk routine has been improved and, according to Vanessa, Serviceaide meets current and future demands. “Serviceaide’s Intelligent Service Management has many features that are on the IT roadmap and will be implemented soon, such as the Luma virtual agent and integration with IVR. I believe very much in its potential”, she points out. A highlight of the results lies in the immediate approvals created for some service queues, the automating of tasks, and the improvement of support efficiency. In addition, the mobile version of ISM is already used by about 300 managers for call approvals and opening, and the IT department postulates the intensification of usage in the coming months.

“We chose ISM because it is a tool that meets the company’s current expectations and will enable upgrading to meet future demands, such as the monitoring of IoEE, the Internet of Elevators and Escalators.”

— Vanessa Tavares de Mello, Head of Service management, Atlas Schindler Elevators

About Atlas Schindler
Atlas Schindler Ltda, the national leader in vertical transport, completed a century of presence in Brazil in 2018. The company is a member of the Swiss group Schindler, a company that has been operating on all continents for 144 years. In Brazil, besides the plant in Londrina, it has a plant in São Paulo intended for the production of parts and components. With around 5,500 employees and 150 service stations throughout Brazil, the company also offers maintenance services for elevators, escalators, and moving walkways. In addition, it achieves the modernization of equipment for its technological and aesthetic updating. To learn more news about Atlas Schindler in Brazil, go to

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