Case Study

Serviceaide Success Stories – Alpargatas

Case Study

Alpargatas gains efficiency by implementing a Service Management tool capable of supporting processes and flows.

In partnership with Serviceaide, Stefanini met its customer’s expectations by offering a robust and flexible solution: Intelligent Service Management.






São Paulo, SP

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Intelligent Service Management


An increase in environmental operating capacity without cost increase
Faster approval flow via email without the need to log into the tool
Tool flexibility in order to structure processes the way the customer requires

The Challenge

When the Alpargatas project emerged, Stefanini was determined to provide them with another tool. However, after analysis, it was established that the tool would not support some processes required by the customer. Therefore, Stefanini concluded that even if the necessary customizations had been made, the considered solution would not meet Alpargatas’ expectations. According to Francisco Pellizzari, Stefanini’s Business Manager, the team had to revise the choice. In addition to not having the customizations that the customer required, Alpargatas had a sudden structural growth and the challenge became a different one: to increase the environmental operating capacity, without increasing costs or hiring more employees. The gain in efficiency that Alpargatas sought would not be achieved with their first option. They needed to pursue a different market option.

The Solution

During a market option analysis, Serviceaide’s Intelligent Service Management (ISM) was the chosen solution. This solution presented advantages in its cost benefit negotiations due to its potential and as it allows the use of concurrent licenses. “We had a completely limited tool before, and with this change we’d have a tool with the best performance, without any restraints,” says Fabio Dias. Among the main platform benefits are: provide visibility in order to show operational flow and how approvals occur; and allow approvals via email, without the need to log into the platform each time to approve or disapprove something.
Implementation ended in just two months and the professionals who used the tool did not need to be trained or qualified, since the tool is very userfriendly and the team quickly learned how to use it.

The Results

At the end of last year, Alpargatas’ team, content with ISM, asked Stefanini to create a Fiscal area service management flow. The tool will also perform in another area, different from IT, giving Stefanini an opportunity to expand the operation. According to Fabio Dias, ISM can perform in a number of customer areas and hi Alpargatas’ applications in which the tool would work well.
In the end, the benefits gained by Alpargatas and Stefanini were fantastic. This is because both are managing to keep costs within expectations while having a much better processes tool. For Pellizzari, the attractive price and the flexibility that Intelligent Service Management offers to structure the processes the way the customer needs is what sets the tool apart.

“Even with the structural growth, there was no increase in costs or the need to hire more IT professionals to manage the environment, as some processes were automated and it was possible to use the workforce for other activities.”

– Fabio Dias,
Stefanini Service Manager who monitored the project at Alpargatas

About Alpargatas
Alpargatas has an entrepreneurial culture and a pioneering history boosted by the launch of products that surprise consumers by anticipating their needs. It is the market leader in the footwear sector in Latin America and owner of sought-after brands such as Havaianas and Osklen, among others. In addition, it also possesses the Mizuno license.

About Stefanini
Stefanini is a Brazilian multinational company with 30 years of experience in the market, investing in a complete innovation ecosystem to meet the main verticals and assist customers in the digital transformation process. With robust offers aligned with market trends such as automation, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and User Experience (UX), the company has been recognized with several awards in the area of innovation. For more information, visit

About Serviceaide
Serviceaide is re-creating Service Management with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Serviceaide delivers solutions that have configurable ticket management, ITIL certified processes, scalability, data connectivity, artificial intelligence, and a virtual support agent. All with a low administrative burden and cost of ownership. For more information, visit or request a demo.

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