We’ve Joined The Serviceaide Family!

Serviceaide Acquired SunView Software

With Fortune 1000 Customers around the world, SunView Software helps organizations build smarter, more responsive IT service environments to power better employee engagement, increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction. Serviceaide’s offerings include the award-winning Luma Digital Service Management Suite. Digital conversations with Luma resolve many support needs without human intervention, transforming the process of solving service problems through automation and knowledge management. Together, customers will benefit from a robust IT service management solution.

A Strategic Roadmap For ChangeGear

SunView customers will continue to receive the best product and support services in the market. In addition to existing customer agreements, you will have an opportunity to take advantage of expanded product and service offerings that will deliver better service interaction and automation. Our focus is on delivering enterprise-ready functionality that meets your business requirements.

Serviceaide is committed to delivering modern service management solutions, will foster innovation in artificial intelligence, knowledge management and process automation.

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