Nurture And Develop Your Virtual Agent’s Career

Nurture And Develop Your Virtual Agent’s Career

You are feeling overwhelmed, your IT team is working around the clock, and they still cannot keep up with end-user requests. IT should play a strategic role in driving the business yet too much time is spent on repetitive tasks. Hiring a new employee to do some of the work may be your first thought, but that comes with a costly annual salary and benefits. It may not be the right time to collect resumes and schedule interviews for a human employee. Another, more cost effective option is to hire digital staff.

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According to Forrester

“Virtual support agents and artificial intelligence capabilities, can transform the way that support analysts perform their jobs and improve customer experience.”

“I have used Service Desk and IT Service Management products from other vendors throughout my career, so I know firsthand the steps to add, change and configure functionality. The ease of use and correspondingly low administrative burden, versus other solutions I used and evaluated, quickly became apparent when I evaluated Intelligent Service Management. This is why I chose Serviceaide.”

Peter Jurhs, Nampa School District, Director of Information Services