Serviceaide Success Stories—
Skagit County

Skagit County
Skagit County, WA
Service Management Solution:
Serviceaide Success Stories — Skagit County
The Challenge

The Challenge

The Government of Skagit County’s mission is to serve its residents by providing high-quality, efficient services to protect and strengthen its communities and environment. Like most organizations across the world, Skagit County was hit with an increased IT support load ranging from password reset requests to a 55% increase in service requests due to COVID-19. This increase in IT support demand in the wake of COVID-19 could have very well crippled Skagit County’s ability to meet its mission by limiting its ability to effectively prioritize and manage incidents and service requests; however, Skagit County was well equipped with the right technology to allow them to thrive when they, and more importantly their community, needed it most.

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