Serviceaide Success Stories—
Kent County

Kent County
Grand Rapids, MI
Service Management Solution:
Point Of Business (POB) Platform
Serviceaide Success Stories — Kent County
The Challenge

The Challenge

When KCIT had the opportunity to replace its service management system, it specifically searched for a solution that was robustly capable yet flexible enough to meet its broad and ever-changing needs. KCIT required a solution that was easy to access by employees across the county, regardless of their IT experience. Also, the solution’s interface needed to be adaptable and satisfy the diverse requirements of the agencies served by KCIT. KCIT surveyed each functional area to identify requirements- IT, health, public works, jail maintenance, and county facilities – to assess the individual requirements for a service request tracking solution. Each department serves different needs and has a responsibility to its customers. KCIT required a system that could efficiently handle any repair ticket or service request, and manage facility availability based on reported problems or issues. Keeping the county staff informed and satisfied was vital.

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