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If you’re curious about Intelligent Service Management and Luma, you’ve clicked to the right place. Here you’ll find helpful videos, datasheets, and case studies that demonstrate how Serviceaide can help you deliver unrivaled customer service.

Serviceaide named a leader in
The Forrester New WaveTM: Standalone
Chatbots For IT Operations, Q2 2019

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With innovative solutions like ours, it’s easier to show than tell. Watch the videos below to witness Intelligent
Service Management and Luma in action and get an up-close look at their many advanced features.

5 Reasons to Make Virtual Agent Adoption a Priority

How to solve an ITSM industry challenge: Deliver excellent service in a cost-effective way!

Meet Luma

The intelligent virtual agent to make customer support more efficient and effective.

See how Luma Aids End-Users

Elevate your customer support with support agents that are available 24/7.

See How Luma Aids Analysts

Spare your analysts from the drudgery of chasing down details, confirming resolutions, and initiating

See How Luma Aids Managers

Make managers more effective by giving them fast access to operational data and KPIs, to provide
more consistent support.


IT Service Desks by the numbers  

Is Your Service Desk Future Proof?  

5 Reasons to Make Virtual Agent Adoption a Proirity  


White Papers

Looking for more contextual information on the technologies that are changing ITSM? Or, maybe some tools to help you choose the best ITSM solution for your business? You’ve come to the right place.

5 Reasons to Make Virtual Agents Adoption a Priority in 2018

Inside Chatbots Answer Bot vs. Personal Assistant vs. Virtual Agent

Reinventing ITSM With Virtual Agents: Improve Satisfaction, Efficiency and Productivity

5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Virtual Agent for IT Service Management

Understanding the Difference: between an Asset and a Configuration Item

Building a Better Tomorrow IT Automation and Virtual Agents

Bridging the Gap Between Humans and Computers

It’s an Evolution Not a Revolution Service Desks Are Transforming

Quick Start Guide: How to Implement Luma, the Virtual Agent

24×7 Customer Service Without Additional Headcount

Not Everyone Needs a Cadillac

The Perfect PartnershipBoosting Human IT Support with Virtual Agents

How to Prepare IT Service Management for Next Generation Technology

Real Use Cases for IT Service Management Virtual Agents

SaaS vs On-Premises ITSM: 6 Critical Considerations

Improving Self-Service Adoption Requires a Rethink

5 Reasons to Make Virtual Agent Adoption a Priority in 2019

The Future of Enterprise Service Management

Case Studies

Many businesses have already enriched the customer experience and lowered the cost of service with our help. To find out how they did it, review the success stories we’ve spotlighted below.

Independent Purchasing Cooperative Increase ITIL efficiency and decrease overhead.

Nampa School District Become highly responsive, resulting in satisfied customers.

Alpargatas Robust and flexible solution: Intelligent Service Management.

Fujitsu Brasil 24x7x365 service in an operations center located in São Paulo.

BRK Ambiental Unification of the various IT processes into a single tool

Atlas Schindler Elevators

In-house Service Desk routine has been improved and Serviceaide meets current and future demands


Sought to identify and implement a service desk solution capable of handling large data volumes.

Gemdale Property

It truly reflects the data-driven business transformation, generates more valuable business data.

Data Sheets

Now it’s time to dive into the details. These datasheets allow you to read every feature, every benefit, and all of the technical specifications. So you can envision how you’ll integrate Serviceaide solutions into your infrastructure.

LumaTM─The Virtual Agent
Artificial intelligence automation for more productive customer support. 

Intelligent Service Management
A robust, full-featured service management suite that’s simple and affordable. 

LumaTM for Service Desk Manager
Add the power of a Virtual Agent to Service Desk Manager. 

What is ITIL?

A Quick guide to IT Infrastructure Library


Find out more about how Serviceaide can help your business.