Serviceaide Named “Hot Vendor” by Leading Analyst Firm

Companies selected for the “Hot Vendor” report are noteworthy, visionary, and innovative

San Jose, Ca. (June 9, 2020)—Serviceaide, Inc., a global provider of intelligent, IT, and enterprise service management solutions, today announced it has been included in the list of “Hot Vendors” in the Conversational AI report by Aragon Research, Inc. Aragon selects companies across multiple markets that are noteworthy, visionary, and innovative and that have a new technology that expands capabilities, a new strategy that opens up markets, or just a new way of doing business that makes them worth evaluating.

“We are excited to be included as a Hot Vendor in Aragon’s Conversational AI report,” said Wai Wong, CEO of Serviceaide. “We believe our inclusion in this list is further evidence of our continued focus on innovation and being at the forefront of leveraging intelligent digital labor to deliver great user experiences.”

Serviceaide recently launched Luma Knowledge, a self-learning, knowledge-centered product that optimizes access, creation, and reuse of enterprise knowledge to meet the day-to-day, round-the-clock service and support needs of users and customers. Luma closes the growing divide between users and much-needed expertise and knowledge that exists across the enterprise. Serviceaide is increasingly leveraging AI technologies like natural language processing and machine learning in digital interactions, knowledge, and automation to bring advanced capabilities and business value to service and support functions across the enterprise. By leveraging Luma Virtual Agent and Luma Knowledge, organizations can harness the power of intelligent digital labor to democratize know-how and expertise and dramatically enhance the service and support experience.

“What makes Serviceaide hot is its focus on delivering a sophisticated and fully-featured virtual agent that is designed to streamline the customer support experience and enable support analysts to devote time to more involved parts of the customer service process,” says CEO of Aragon Research, Jim Lundy. “With the addition of Luma Knowledge Management, the solution goes beyond just conversational learning and responses to developing context and relevance creating a true environment of collaboration and learning.” For more information on Serviceaide’s offerings, please visit

About Serviceaide

Serviceaide is a leader in intelligent service and support. Serviceaide’s vision is to transform service management, across ITSM, ESM, and Customer Service. Serving customers around the world, Serviceaide applies breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to deliver better experiences, provide enhanced self-service and empower service owners. Serviceaide transforms service through digital labor conversations, automation, and knowledge. For more information, visit

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