Serviceaide Powers Up Partner Ecosystem

Collaboration is key to leveraging the power of AI across industries and organizations.

Serviceaide hosted their first AI partner brainstorming event at their headquarters in San Jose California on Artificial Intelligence (AI) around enterprise service management. AI Is transforming the world of service management to seamlessly engage end-users and customers. Improving this area is a foundation of digital transformation and is increasing in importance.

The strategic discussion focused on the future of service management and how to unleash the potential of AI and Machine Learning technologies. In attendance were the CEO and Chairman of Digital China Group, Mr. Guo Wei and his team; The North American and APAC CEO of Stefanini, Mr. Spencer Gracias; and Managing Partner at New Margin, Mr. Androw Zhu to name a few.

The event was planned as a day of collaboration, creative ideation and information sharing. Each representative was keenly interested in how to enable a better service experience. At the center of the discussion was how Serviceaide’s innovations in service management are being applied across different use cases in geographies around the world. Highlighted were a number of customer examples of the Luma Virtual Agent in IT and Enterprise Service Management (ITSM and ESM). It is clear that AI will automate and simplify the resolution of service requests from customers and enterprise end-users.

Several case studies were shared, highlighting how Luma Virtual Agent (VA) is enabling a significantly better experience, response time and business efficiencies:

For hotels with many international visitors, enabling the staffing team to handle a variety of languages is a key aspect of a great, guest service experience. Most hotels simply cannot afford a multi-lingual, 24×7 staff and must adopt trade-offs among language support and time of day (service hours). The Luma VA is well positioned to relieve this problem and deliver the needed, expanded guest service experience. With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics only a short time away, Serviceaide’s partner Numu PitHK, is introducing their solution around Luma VA with Tokyo’s hotels as their debut.

OnStar, which is a Shanghai-based General Motors joint venture that provides a range of in-vehicle safety, security and communication services, was challenged with integrating seven different service management departments to better service their end customers handling 30K tickets a month. Advanced analytics is an important part of understanding how to improve their processes and responses.

While there are opportunities across the globe, both New Margin and Digital China Holdings see increasing opportunity in the China market. With rising labor costs and expectations around excellent service, technology that can deliver on the promise of a better and more cost-effective service management solution is required.

The summit concluded with a strong vision of possibilities and how each partner can contribute and build upon Serviceaide’s portfolio to deliver a better service management offering, for customers and end users.

About Serviceaide

Serviceaide is a leader in intelligent chatbots, called virtual agents, that make service and support more productive and intuitive for customers and support teams. The company’s AI-powered Virtual Agent, Luma, engages end users through a simple, conversational interface to understand and expedite service requests, automate service delivery and improve the customer experience. The company also offers a full-featured IT Service Management platform used by companies around the world to effectively manage the delivery and support of IT services. Serviceaide was selected as a leader in a recent Forrester Research New Wave™ report on Standalone Chatbots For IT Operations. Visit for more information.

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