Serviceaide’s Recent Acquisitions and Solution Platform Upgrades Combine for Increased Self-Service, Productivity, and Customer Satisfaction

SAN JOSE, CA. (DEC., 2021)—Serviceaide, Inc., a global provider of intelligent IT and enterprise service management solutions, demonstrated its capacity to multiply value for customers throughout 2021 with the advancement and integration of AI technology and new product solutions across multiple service management platforms, including those acquired in 2021 and 2020. Among significant advancements, Serviceaide brought new innovations and features to its Digital Labor Suite, including its award-winning AI-powered virtual agent, the Luma Virtual Agent. It also integrated Luma into both the SunView ChangeGear and Wendia Point of Business platforms.

“Serviceaide is rapidly advancing the synergistic power of the technology and support capabilities of Serviceaide and its recent acquisitions,” said Wai Wong, Founder, and CEO of Serviceaide. “We are continuously bringing new AI innovation and other advanced solutions to our many new customers, thus delivering higher levels of productivity and performance to enterprise and IT service management organizations around the world. We will continue to innovate and bring the best of our combined technologies to all Serviceaide customers in the coming year.”

Key Acquisitions

In August of 2021, Serviceaide announced the acquisition of SunView Software, a leading provider of IT Service Management (ITSM) software. With Fortune 1000 customers around the world, SunView partners with organizations to build smarter, more responsive IT service environments that deliver better employee engagement, increased productivity, and improved customer satisfaction. The new combined company is allowing organizations to modernize and automate the delivery and management of a wide range of service and support functions through its combined products and service offerings.   

In late 2020, Serviceaide acquired Wendia, a provider of proven and robust enterprise service management solutions to organizations worldwide. Serviceaide quickly integrated its Luma Virtual Agent into Wendia’s flagship Point of Business (POB) enterprise service management platform. This year saw additions of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to improve user experiences and reduce service costs. The POB platform was also made available as a cloud solution in 2021.

ChangeGear Platform Integration

As part of the SunView Software purchase, Serviceaide acquired ChangeGear, the popular, feature-rich IT Service Management (ITSM) platform. Serviceaide quickly made its Luma Virtual Agent available for ChangeGear customers to reap the benefits of the powerful virtual agent solution optimized for easy, conversational access to enterprise knowledge and automated services. The ChangeGear platform is used by large and mid-sized organizations around the world, including many Fortune 1000 businesses. It is well-known as a feature-rich ITSM solution that helps organizations create more intelligent and responsive IT service environments that deliver greater employee engagement, increased productivity, and improved customer satisfaction.

Mobile App Launch

In 2021, Serviceaide also launched its new consumer-like mobile application for the Point of Business (POB) service management platform. The new mobile app provides users and support teams with easy, anywhere access to POB web services from any mobile device and sets the stage for new features and functions.

Luma Virtual Agent and Digital Labor Suite

The Luma Virtual Agent and Digital Labor Suite leverage natural language processing and machine learning to create a powerful and conversational interface accessible via voice, email, chat, and other channels. Luma understands user requests and needs and proactively guides them to the answers they seek or fulfills their requests through automated services. Luma’s automation and workflow engine can automate a wide range of IT and Enterprise Service Management tasks as diverse as provisioning a virtual machine, onboarding new employees, and handling facilities requests and HR changes. 

In 2021, Serviceaide continued to advance the features and capabilities of the Luma Digital Labor Product Suite, including Luma Virtual Agent, Luma Knowledge, and Luma Automation. Serviceaide expanded the number of messaging channels supported by Luma to eight with the addition of Infobip for WhatsApp, added support for email interaction with users, and enabled callbacks for contextual interaction between Luma and any browser-based application.

Serviceaide also further expanded seamless interaction between Luma and ITSM systems, allowing support personnel to create actions within an ITSM system while in a Luma chat session with users. Users can now converse with Luma in eight different languages with the addition of German, Norwegian and Danish in 2021.

The company also continued to expand the capabilities of Luma Knowledge, making it easier to create knowledge articles, including support for Knowledge Centered Service (KCS). Federated knowledge supports any knowledge source with an HTTP/REST endpoint and is now certified with TopDesk.

“Every day we hear from our customers that Luma and its intelligent service management capabilities are a game-changer for their businesses and workflows,” said Bill Guinn, chief technology officer for Serviceaide. “AI technology is advancing rapidly, and we are committed to staying at the forefront of these changes with quarterly releases of our Luma Digital Labor Suite, as well as regular upgrades to our entire product portfolio.”

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