Service Management For Everyone

The POB Platform is uniquely suited to meet the needs of a variety of functions. Based on ITSM principals, POB applies leading service and support processes across the enterprise so business functions can:

  • Deliver great experiences
  • Empower service owners at a fraction of the cost
  • Provide better self service
  • Ensure business continuity.

The POB Platform also has additional modules for deeper service capabilities for:

  • Finance and Invoice Management
  • Purchase and Inventory Management
  • Resource and Time Management
POB Platform

Example Of POB Use Cases:

Example Of POB Use Cases:
Get More Done Today

Get More Done Today

The Point Of Business (POB) Platform is a highly customizable enterprise service management platform that helps organizations efficiently manage and automate a wide range of business and service functions. Implementation is custom yet rapid so you see immediate value from your solution. No endless months of waiting on lengthy implementations.

Automate Your IT Workflow For Maximum Productivity

Service Desk Management

POB Service Desk Management helps you control, manage, and develop your service and support functions to stay competitive and responsive to your customers’ needs. POB also helps you improve and control the knowledge base of both support staff and users, ensuring fast and effective problem-solving.

Key Features
  • Incident and Problem ManagementService Desk Management
  • Task Management
  • Request Management
  • Resource Management Time Logging
  • Knowledge Management
  • Customer Survey
  • Announcement Ticker
  • Event Management, Monitoring and Reporting
Configuration and Asset Management

Configuration and Asset

POB Configuration and Asset Management provides relevant information on configuration items that support all service management processes. This allows you to control valuable assets across the company.

Help financial planning. Make software changes visible. Reduce the use of unauthorized software and reduce costs. POB provides a logical model of your infrastructure by identifying, controlling, maintaining and verifying different configuration items in your IT infrastructure.

Project & Change Management

Effective project and change management is key to save time and money. This POB Module ensures that standardized methods and procedures promptly handle all changes in order to minimize the impact of change-related activities and improve the day-to-day operation. Other Enterprise workflows can be modeled, templated and then utilized to give you complete control over all your business processes within your organization.

Key Features
  • Project PlanningProject & Change Management
  • Graphical Project and Change Management Workflow Templates
  • Gantt Charts
  • Task Management
  • Project Accounting and Financial Management
  • Complete Reporting and Dashboards
  • Workflow Management
  • Workflow Templates
Service Level Management

Service Level Management

POB Service Level Management is an invaluable tool that will greatly improve your service level agreements. Service Level Management helps support staff meet the required service thresholds, thereby improving customer relationships and service quality. Expectations and timeframes are clearly defined so that all operators of the system will have the same definition of priorities and escalation processes.

Key Features

  • Service Catalog
  • Create and maintain Service Level Agreements
  • Operational Level Agreements
  • Underpinning Contracts
  • Expense and Budget Control of all your services and agreements
  • Contract Management or Agreements
Flexible Delivery Focuses
On Meeting The Needs Of
Your Business

Serviceaide offers both traditional, on-premise implementations with the strength of SaaS. You can choose either approach or a hybrid. With a hybrid model, administration of your system is provided by Serviceaide which can be as comprehensive or basic as desired. Anything from a full application management including the ownership and management of the hardware it resides on to simple upgrade assistance only. Customers can scale up or down these services based on their changing needs.

Flexible Delivery Focuses On Meeting The Needs Of Your Business
“Incredible, simply incredible. In all my years of working in IT, I have never seen a vendor so willing to work with its customers to meet their individual needs; especially when those needs dictate a switch from SaaS to Hybrid to On-Premise. Anthelio Health is the largest IT Managed Services Provider focused on the healthcare industry in the world and is a certified ISO compliant company that for years has partnered with Wendia to supply their ITSM and Project Management needs and has allowed us to change from one delivery model to another more than once. That is ultimate flexibility!”
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The POB platform has been meeting the needs of customers for over 20 years.
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Expand Your Service Management
With A Virtual Agent
The combination of the Point Of Business Platform and Luma Virtual Agent provides a complete solution, with flexibility, affordability and a broad range of modules to meet your service requirements. Serviceaide leverages AI technologies to enhance workflows and automation to support business growth, continuity and enhance employee productivity.