Meet Luma, the Virtual Agent

Luma the Virtual Agent

Luma is a Virtual Agent with artificial intelligence and is integral to the Serviceaide Intelligent Service Management solution. Luma’s conversational interface guides users to actionable requests and improved self-service. It relieves analysts from the burden of triaging requests and chasing down users for more information.

Bring the intelligent conversation to IT Service Management. Enhance your service desk with a more intelligent approach that is optimized for end-users, analysts, and managers. Utilize your favorite conversational channels to create a well-formed service request, to manage tickets and to gain valuable reports and insights.

Serviceaide System Performance on Various Devices

Luma’s Performance Gets Better and Better

Always Helpful, Always Available

Luma is available 24/7, understands statements and questions, is empathetic, and follows up to make sure every person is satisfied.

Uncommon Efficiency, Unrivaled ITIL Expertise

Luma works hard, follows Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes, and effortlessly multitasks. It frees analysts to focus on more interesting and valuable tasks.

Its Intelligence Continues to Grow

Luma never stops learning. Its knowledge base expands as it interacts with customers, end-users, and support analysts.

There's a Skill for that

There’s a Skill for that!!

Luma was built for IT Service Management and comes with over 150 out of the box skills to support the most common IT service requests. Luma also allows users to do things such as check on the status of a ticket.

Luma comes with out of the box skills for analyst and manager ticket management to help monitor unassigned tickets, view backlog, follow up with users and much more.

Need custom skills?

Thats where Skills Builder comes in. Skills Builder is a tool designed for Service Management administrators to build skills. Create an FAQ conversation in minutes. Build triage conversations that trigger the creation of a ticket. Create skills from your existing Service Catalog. Skills Builder is designed for desktop or tablet devices so you can create the next great skill from anywhere.

Superior Support for All


Elevate your customer support with support agents that are available 24/7.

Support Analysts

Spare your analysts from the drudgery of chasing down details, confirming resolutions, and initiating surveys.


Make managers more effective by giving them fast access to operational data and KPIs, to provide more consistent support.


Businesses are quickly realizing the power of Luma.