Meet LumaTM, the Virtual Agent for Customer Service Support

Meet Luma TM the Virtual Agent for Customer Service Support

Luma is a Virtual Agent that streamlines IT service management using artificial intelligence. Luma’s conversational interface guides users to actionable requests and improved self-service. Its automated services deflect tickets and provide immediate resolutions to users. Luma relieves analysts from the burden of triaging requests, chasing down users for more information and handling repeatable mundane requests.


Success Stories

Global Clothing Retailer Global Clothing Retailer

The retail vertical is very cost sensitive. Identifying ways to reduce expenses, yet maintain or improve service levels, is critical. For employee service management, the IT team was searching for a proven solution with a better value proposition. When their existing vendor licensing term was coming up for renewal, the team took the opportunity to search for a better solution. Serviceaide was able to provide the needed enterprise level functionality and with significant affordable licensing. The resulting benefit was lower administrative costs. The Customer was able to implement ISM quickly and saw a reduction of service level expenses averaging 30% after the 3 months. Newly automated workflow further increased efficiencies, reducing the cost and time to hire and manage a large, volume retail workforce.

On Star On Star

Every customer service oriented company understands the importance of quality and responsiveness. When you are in an industry where customers are seeking help, in some cases for emergency situations, response time becomes job one. By replacing manual processes with ISM, OnStar has been able to scale to over 20K customer calls a day. The ability to accurately track service requests and outcomes allows OnStar to continuously improve their services, customer responses, and reduce their cost per call.

Leading Food Retail Franchise Leading Food Retail Franchise

Leading Food Retail FranchiseFast food retail chains are a high volume business. In this case, a regional and leading provider enabled over 1,000 stores to offload 130+ types of HR service requests (payroll, vacation time, remote HR functions, etc.) The volume quickly grew and is over 1500+ calls a month. Franchises, and especially restaurant franchises, have a highly distributed labor force working multiple shifts, with a relatively low number of employees per worksite. This chain had a business objective to reduce the cost of providing a widespread employee population 24*7 accessibility to HR functions, and eliminate the burden of training and managing access to an ever-changing employee workforce to a traditional GUI-based application. By using Luma’s natural language interface, no training is required. The result was 1500 calls a month were deflected thus reducing the overhead of an HR contact center.

Independent Purchasing Co-operative Independent Purchasing Co-operative

Independent Purchasing Co-operativeIPC had a mission to provide a better service management solution with quantitative goals. After partnering with Serviceaide and implementing ISM, they improved their service and response time significantly. IPC achieved 92% reduction in system administration time through codeless configuration and automation. During the past 16 years in business, IPC has eliminated over $1 billion of overhead through specific cost-reduction activities. “Intelligent Service Management was the right choice for us because of the value we gained from cost and resource savings, complemented by its ease of use.”

Global Electronics Manufacturer Global Electronics Manufacturer

Global Electronics ManufacturerRunning a large manufacturing team is complex. The focus is on deliverables, consistency, timing, quality, and cost. A company cannot afford delays and down time because employees are tracking down answers to routine requests. Always available, Luma Virtual Agent handles over 1,000 inquires a month, streamlining service management requests to keep everyone on task 24*7.

Global Hospitality Leader Global Hospitality Leader

Global Hospitality LeaderIn the hospitality business, providing an optimal guest experience is the foundation of your brand. Luma is raising the bar for guest experiences without the cost. With Luma you no longer require unaffordable levels of human staff to provide 24×7 support; multi-lingual resources to provide hotel services; additional systems to automate guest requests; and staff to manually fulfill common guest functions such as changing arrival and departure times. In addition, guests truly love voice activated in-room concierge service.

Leading Healthcare Provider Leading Healthcare Provider

Leading Healthcare ProviderHealthcare claims processing is a highly competitive industry requiring a harmonious blend of knowledge workers and complex workflows to accurately and cost effectively handle a seemly unlimited variety of claims. Any kind of issue during HIPPA compliant processing incurs additional cost and potentially compliance issues the service provider must absorb or resolve. ISM has been the backbone of ensuring this massive, complex ITO business is running smoothly, enabling their ability to expand by taking on additional enterprise and state government clients. With heavy demand on a knowledge base, and cataloged services for each client, ISM provided multi-tenant flexibility at a low overhead so additional clients could be implemented without increasing their administrative cost ratio.

A Fast Paced Retail Chain A Fast Paced Retail Chain

A Fast Paced Retail ChainAs is the case with any retail chain, the struggle to deliver quality services at a competitive price is critical to business success. This retail giant is able use Luma as their first point of contact for all employee related issues nationwide. Using their phone, store employees can report problems and get assistance through a natural language conversation, 24*7*365. Fielding over 6000 calls a week, Luma resolves one-third of the requests without escalation to a human colleague. This includes issues related to store operations, and support for IT, HR and Finance. With a geographically distributed set of employees, consolidating and streamlining service was critical to reduce cost. In this case, the use of a voice-based interface allows easy access for the non-technical distributed workforce.

Benefits Beyond IT. For Enterprise Service Management And Customer Service Support.Benefits Beyond IT. For Enterprise Service Management And Customer Service Support.

  • Open and all-in-one (Connect to all backend service systems); Automation Enabler (Automation engine to execute Digital Process Automation workflows); Inbound and outbound; identified and anonymous parties; Public/Private/Hybrid cloud scenarios
  • Whether it’s on your website, intranet portal, IVR, ANIPOP awarded virtual agent (A-party Number Identification caller-id based automation, follow-up and reach out skills, etc.)
  • Benefits (via Codeless specific skills, workflows and automation) to solve problems like 24×7 service; Do more with the same; Increased staff job satisfaction and efficiency; Well form and complete service interaction data; consistent upfront issue/case handling; up-leveling customer/end-user satisfaction; notification broadcast;

Enterprise Service Management

  • Serve the entire company population seamlessly
  • No end-user training shock
  • Specific skilling function by function

External Customer Service

  • Customer Cases
  • FAQ
  • At customer’s convenience and time as opposed to the schedule tag

Why Select Luma?

  • Complete – Luma and ISM can be purchase and operated together as a single solution
  • Open – connect to other ITSM and other backend applications as need
  • Automate – Luma has built-in Digital process automation to orchestrate and execute workflows across the digital workplace (ALL3)
  • Simple to use – no training, just text. Luma supports multiple interaction channels (ITSM, ESM, CSS). It can be embedded on a website (CSS), intranet portal (ESM and ITSM)
  • No coding required – Luma is a product; not a custom prof. svcs. Project; configuring, NOT programming
  • Ability to create domain/function skillsets for different purposes
  • Support Known user use cases (ITSM, ESM, CSS) as well as anonymous user use cases (CSS)
  • Import what you have now like FAQs (ESM, CSS and ITSM), Service Catalogs (ITSM) to jumpstart
  • Internal and external conditional checks/responses so Luma can react appropriate to the conversation and even to external events occurring concurrently
  • Enables conversational and other logs for diagnostic and continuous improvement