Data Sheet

Luma—The Virtual Agent for
CA Service Desk Manager

Data Sheet

Luma provides intelligent assistance to create a more satisfying and productive support experience for users and analysts.

As a Virtual Agent, Luma is a great addition to your Service Desk ManagementTM solution. Luma’s conversational interface guides users to actionable requests and improved self-service. It also relieves analysts from the burden of triaging requests and chasing users down for more information.

Luma interprets user intent with near 100% accuracy, ensuring accurate ticket categorization and assignments, all but eliminating unnecessary callbacks and reassignments. Designed specifically to address the problem of unactionable tickets, Luma addresses causes of delays, and low user and analyst satisfaction.

  • Users can request services in their own words, using messenger apps they’re already familiar with
  • Satisfaction and confidence is improved with 24×7 availability, intelligent guidance, and better responsiveness
  • Service desks operate more efficiently with accurate categorization, automated ticket closure, and less triage
  • Analysts and users collaborate to improve their combined experience

Key Benefits

Lower cost per ticket
Lower MTTR
24×7 ease + availability
Enhanced customer satisfaction
Improved analyst job satisfaction
Eliminated callbacks
Reduced ticket reassignments
Automated ticket closure confirmation
Automated customer surveys
New automation opportunities

Streamline actionable ticket creation
Solving the industry problem of incomplete and inaccurate ticket data is critical. Tickets that are not actionable are a primary source of frustration and operational inefficiency. Luma solves this problem by using natural language processing that intelligently and patiently guides your users to accurately describe incidents and requests, resulting in actionable tickets. Luma continuously learns how to better capture the intent of your users to ensure actionable requests. And if Luma doesn’t understand what a user needs, it seamlessly transfers the query to an appropriate support analyst.

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Create the Efficient Desk

Luma ships with an understanding of hundreds of issues and requests out of the box. Getting started in a few days is easy; Luma builds upon your existing services and automation, integrating them into efficient conversations. Serviceaide hosts and continuously improves Luma, ensuring administration is simple, like we do for all our products. Enriching Luma with custom capabilities (called Skills) is also easy and requires no coding or AI experience.

Get Fully-supported AI

Luma is supported 24×7 by the Serviceaide team with years of ITSM and AI experience. Luma customers get end-to-end support of their deployment, with no third parties or integrations to deal with.

Cut Technician Time 30%

Luma’s guided interactions create actionable, accurately-categorized requests, dramatically reducing the need for analysts to follow up and clarify with users.

Intelligent Automation

Luma’s automated follow up and survey enables technicians to automate ticket closure without chasing down users to confirm that the request has been resolved successfully.

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