Meet Luma for CA Service Desk Manager

Luma the Virtual Agent

Take advantage of cutting-edge virtual agent technology to easily expand the channels of interaction with your self-service users. Serviceaide’s Luma virtual agent technology provides customers with a natural language conversational approach to IT Service Management. Luma operates on conversational channels such as Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Slack, Skype, WeChat and WhatsApp. Messenger to make access to support ubiquitous across communication channels and available 7X24. Provide support whenever and wherever needed in an easy to consume manner.

No system upgrades or costly changes to your SDM implementation.

Luma for CA Service Desk Manager is built on SOAP-based and RESTFul Web Service API’s which allows recent implementations of the CA’s ITSM Suite as well as earlier versions of CA Service Desk Manager to make use of Luma without requiring upgrades to your existing systems. This allows the service desk to adopt the usage-based subscription for the new virtual agent capability without heavy up-front investment.

Serviceaide Luma for CA Service Desk Manager

Getting Started is Easy

Serviceaide Luma for CA Service Desk Manager out of the box skills

Transforming your help desk with a virtual agent has never been easier. Serviceaide’s quick start program is great for those that want a quick implementation, based on a proven philosophy, and at a fixed price.

Our quick start program philosophy is intended to avoid deployment delays, unexpected costs and unwanted surprises. Although the actual deployment time may vary depending on your specific business requirements, our goal is to have you up and running in as little as one month.

Download our “Quick start Guide: How to implement Luma, the Virtual Agent” now and learn how providing your customers with a better service desk experience is easier than you think.

Out of the box skills.

Serviceaide Luma for CA Service Desk Manager out of the box skills

Luma includes over 170 pre-defined skills targeted to the needs of self-service users as well as other skills focused on the activity and management functions for use by service desk analysts and managers. The Luma Skill Builder tool allows for the creation of additional skills, Management of the virtual agents, deployment into additional channels and other administrative functions.

Built for security

Luma for CA Service Desk Manager provides mechanisms for establishing secure access between the Luma virtual agent instances and service desk manager implementations and then leverages the SDM security model to control the data access and permissions level for interactions performed through the conversational channels. This means that the security rules you set in place within SDM are enforced when constituents use Luma to access ticket information, search knowledge documents, or submit requests.

Businesses are quickly realizing the power of Luma.