Automate The Easy Stuff With Luma Automation

Meet Luma™, the Virtual Agent

Automation just got easier. Luma Automation now includes an enhanced graphical workflow designer. With drag and drop designer, citizen developers have a low-code/no-code method to create fully automated services, freeing up service desk and IT analysts to work on high value and more critical tasks. And with our plug and play series of automated tasks including employee onboarding, password resets to infrastructure monitoring and remediation, you can deploy industry best practice automated services in by simple configuration.

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LumaTM Automation

Modernize your service management across IT and enterprise functions.

Imagine a self-driving service desk

Meet Luma™, the Virtual Agent

Luma Automation works across all leading service management solutions, one tool handing both IT tasks and enterprise service automation. In fact, 70% of your services and IT tasks can be automated. By freeing your staff of time consuming and basic tasks, they can focus on more strategic projects and enjoy deeper job satisfaction. The benefits for you? They are numerous. Cost Reduction, enhanced productivity, improved availability, optimized performance and ultimately improved customer response and satisfaction. Luma Automation will modernize your Service Management across IT and enterprise functions.

Harness AI as a transformative technology

Harness AI as a transformative technology

Image your users discussing their service needs with a Virtual Agent and their request is immediately completed using automation. That’s the power of Luma Virtual Agent + Luma Automation. Gone are the days where users were unable to find what they need or were confused trying to fill out the forms correctly. Transform your Service Management today. Depart from a siloed model to a horizontal approach and gain the benefits of conversationally guiding your users to an automated service. Luma’s AI-based platform understands users intents and fully automates self-service. To learn what it takes to embrace AI the right way, contact Serviceaide today.

Download the Forrester Wave White Paper

Download the Forrester Wave White Paper “Standalone Chatbots For IT Operations Automate The Easy Stuff”

Luma Automation Workflows

Luma Automation Workflows<

Password Reset: Trigger a password reset with notification to user.

Account Unlock: Trigger an account unlock with notification to user.

Disable User: Trigger active directory user disable with notification to an analyst.

Ticket E-bonding: Push or pull new tickets to and from ISM. Provide bidirectional updates of critical fields, on a scheduled interval. Plus ticket closer.

Email Alerts: Provide email notifications to stakeholders of critical issues or outages.

SMS Alerts: Provide email notifications to stakeholders of critical issues or outages.

APM Event Management: Event capture resulting in ticket creation in ISM with notifications by Luma and link to tickets.

Salesforce Contact E-bonding: Push ticket synopsis to Salesforce contacts.

Salesforce Entitlement E-bonding: Pull and synch customer entitlements from Salesforce into ISM.

Ask about our various connectors to third party service management software companies.

View and configure available automation
workflows and integration

View and configure available automation workflows and integration.

Luma is more than an intelligent chatbot. Luma includes an automation engine that allows
many service workflows to be implemented without analyst involvement.

Luma’s intuitive user interface enables service desk administrators to configure
automation workflows and view integrations intuitively and quickly.

More than 15 workflows are available out-of-the-box and more work
flows are added with each new release of Luma.


Hybrid Cloud Management

Hybrid Cloud Management

Luma Automation provides a unified management approach to the public, private and hybrid clouds. We make it easy to manage diverse cloud infrastructure, cost and consumption all from a single platform.