Problem Management

Prevent, isolate, and eliminate recurring problems, to ensure your business will run without impediments.

Improve IT Organizational Health

Intelligent Service Management’s Problem Management can make your service desk even more effective.  This Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-verified tool helps you:

  • Determine underlying problems
  • Fix them before another incident occurs
  • Manage the signs of a problem that will lead to an incident

Eliminate Recurring Incidents

Intelligent Service Management’s Problem Management tool is focused on eliminating recurring incidents. Using ITIL-proven best practices, it manages the problem lifecycle to prevent incidents from recurring.

If multiple incidents exhibit common symptoms, or if a single incident has no known cause, they’re treated as problems. The tool’s root cause analysis process can:

  • Categorize reports of existing or potential problems with an existing device or service
  • Diagnose the problem
  • Manage the error control process, existing control, or potential disruptions, leading to the problem’s closure

Fast Resolution

Whenever a change is required to resolve a problem, a Change ticket is logged. And for critical fixes, you can implement the change before resolving the problem ticket, for the fastest resolution possible.

Seamless Integration

Any Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) implementation requires the rapid, qualitative resolution of incidents, so problems don’t occur or reoccur. Intelligent Service Management seamlessly integrates incident and problem management with seven other ITIL functions, for a best-in-class solution for service desk implementations that gives you:

  • Higher Service Level Agreement (SLA) achievement, from rapid resolution, accurate tracking, and SLA-based escalation
  • Lower Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), via better incident categorization, routing, visibility, and automatic escalation
  • Sustainable cost reduction from reduced incident levels
  • Reduced service costs and reduced headcount, due to more efficient agents
Incident Management