Other Features

Multi-Channel Access

Manage and consolidate via web, mobile, email, phone, and virtual support agent—all through a single platform.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management

Establish rules and policies to match organization expectations, while gaining insights into team performance.

Event Management

Understand events that are detected or predicted so that the most appropriate corrective control action can be taken.

Availability Management

Ensure that applications, systems, and infrastructure are available for use when they are needed, within an established service level agreement.

Identity and Access Management

Control access to Service Desk/Management for customers, end-users, and support analysts, with services such as Microsoft Active Directory.

Scratch Pad

Respond to requests quickly with a snapshot of the requestor’s contact info, ticket log, and related configuration items.

Individualized Support

Set up departments, teams, locations, and customers as separate sub-organizations. Includes dedicated service offerings, process workflows, support analyst assignments, service level agreements, and approvals.