Change Management

Collaboratively plan rollout and execute changes with proven best practices, to improve speed and accuracy.

Improve the Effectiveness of Change

Rogue and unmanaged changes account for up to 60% of all unplanned outages. The speed, risk, and impact of change are determined by how much impact analysis, planning, and automation goes into it.

Intelligent Service Management’s Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-verified Change Management Capability provides critical impact analysis and planning capabilities.

Now, you can ensure changes are planned, communicated, and scheduled. And you can determine that policy and compliance standards are enforced, reviewed, and approved prior to implementation.

Plan Rollout and Change Execution

Using the full power of Intelligent Service Management’s process automation, tested and proven process flows can be used to implement changes. This reduces risk and ensures consistency and compliance with policies and procedures, to reduce downtime.

Reduce Risk, and Meet SLA and Contractual Obligations

Intelligent Service Management’s ITIL-verified Change Management function manages the change process seamlessly. Starting with change requests and ending with automated implementation, this function:

  • Reduces risk, through planning, approving, scheduling, communicating, and automating changes
  • Reduces downtime, by employing proven automated processes
  • Improves contractual and SLA compliance, via automated and proactive policy enforcement
Change Management